When in pain…

8 August 2017

People are divided in this world into good and evil, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, noble and ignoble, intelligent and fools. They do however all have one thing in common. And that is pain. Because all people, without exception, will experience pain during their lifetime. As the saying goes: ‘It’s a marvel, if someone finds happiness during their life’. Therefore, we all live in the realm of pain. We know that pain is something personal, which one has to deal with alone. It’s our cross, which we have a duty to carry, just as the Saviour of the world, Jesus, carried His Cross for our sakes. So find comfort and rest in the paternal hand, which at this time is operating on you with the instrument of pain, and be calm. Accept that it is God who sends it, make peace with it, with pain, so as to be able to deal with it.

I know how difficult that is, but at the same time it’s for your salvation. The saints rejoiced in their sorrows; we ought to at least accept them with patience, and God won’t forget, even this small, voluntary display of patience on our part towards His will, which is what pain represents.

When in pain, muster your spiritual strength, and try to comprehend the purpose of pain, through which God opens the Heavens for you. Do you for a moment think that He who measures the number of hairs on your head isn’t aware of the extent of your pain? He is. So, rest trustingly in our heavenly Father. Don’t not give up. With Christ, you’ll get through everything. Because you’ll become His heir and you’ll inherit the infinite riches of our common Father and God. Amen.