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The Repercussions of the Decisions of the Seventh Ecumenical Synod in the West

History - 20 October 2018

The second month of the Church’s year is linked to the celebration of the Seventh Ecumenical Synod. This was a synod which was accompanied by one of the most violent interventions by the State in the internal affairs of the Church. The iconoclast dispute was the last Christological quarrel* and thre...

The purifying prayer

Words of Life - 19 October 2018

Every prayer of the Church assists with the purification of the heart. But especially the Jesus Prayer: ‘Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me, sinner that I am’. This prayer, which has been passed down over the centuries on the Holy Mountain has the following advantage: since it’s only a sentence l...

Sermon on Luke 8, 15

Theology - Video - Video Gallery - 19 October 2018


Energy and personality in the theology of John Meyendorf and in contemporary philosophy (3)

Theology - 19 October 2018

Bibikhin’s positions in the energy problem are close in many points to the positions by Heidegger (he was the translator of Heidegger’s principal works in Russian, and his general philosophical standpoints were also close to Heideggerian ones). Heidegger did not discuss Palamas’ teaching; but the ...

“The Way of the Heart”

Conferences - Video - Video Gallery - 19 October 2018


Avarice, the Grave Sickness of the Soul

Religious Life - 19 October 2018

‘Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near’ (Lk. 12, 33) ‘Avarice is the root of all evils’ (I Tim. 6, 10) Of all the sicknesses that befall the human soul, the most repulsive, in my view is avarice, or miserliness. I...

Don’t foster sorrows

Words of Life - 18 October 2018

Don’t foster sorrows in your heart because the joy of the evil one is sorrow and despondency, which beget many things which fill the soul with bitterness. >Blessed Joseph the Hesychast...

Do you Judge with Love or Misanthropy?

Wisdom & Word - 18 October 2018

From Homily XIII on the Gospel of Saint Matthew If you forgive your neighbours, before you free them of any burden, you release yourself from your sins, without any effort. And if you examine the sins of others with charity and leniency, by this judgement you store up a wealth of forgiveness for yo...


Words of Life - 17 October 2018

As the image of God, people should be self-aware, free and in control of themselves, because if awareness is taken away from them, they become unfree and are ruled by others. They’re unworthy of their high calling, such a sublime destination which is what their divine Creator wanted for them. So ...

Energy and personality in the theology of John Meyendorf and in contemporary philosophy (2)

Theology - 17 October 2018

Contemporary philosophy could say perhaps that in Orthodox theology, both in Meyendorff and Palamas himself, the principle of energy did not obtain sufficiently high status and central place. After the “forgetting of energy”, as if trying to compensate for it, modern thought, starting with Heidegg...

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