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Don’t dwell on it

Words of Life - 18 January 2018

If something’s not pleasant, don’t even think about it and don’t mention it to anyone else....

We have an obligation

Words of Life - 17 January 2018

The law (Deut. 22, 1-4) commands that if an animal strays or falls into a ditch, we should rescue it and take care of it. Given that people are not of any less value, it follows that we should show great kindness towards other human beings, since we have a duty to be sympathetic even to irrationa...

In Honour and Memory of Archimandrite Placide (Deseille) Simonopetritis

Orthodoxy in the West - Personalities - 17 January 2018

On 11 January, the funeral was held for Archimandrite Placide Deseille at the Holy Monastery of Saint Anthony the Great in Saint Laurent en Royans, France, a dependency of the Holy Monastery of Simonos Petras on the Holy Mountain, where Père Placide had been tonsured as an Orthodox monk. He had fall...

With fear and love

Words of Life - 16 January 2018

Those who wish to have their sins remitted welcome being humbled. Those who judge their neighbour are simply prolonging their own wickedness. It’s better to pray for people to God, with fear and love, than to censure them for every sin they commit....

Everything will be fine

Words of Life - 15 January 2018

Christ is here. Why don’t you believe it? Believe it and all will be well. Only believe. Don’t fear. The grace of God is enveloping you. Just wait. Ask the Lord for love. All the virtues are contained in love....

He doesn’t have the right

Words of Life - 14 January 2018

Satan has neither the power nor permission to lord it over us, to deceive us and bend our will towards sin. He simply brings us into temptation through a variety of ploys, fantasies and recollections, with our feelings, the weaknesses of our nature, with pleasures and thoughts....

Divine and Human Love in the Song of Songs

Wisdom & Word - 14 January 2018

Reading the Song in the light of Church tradition and the experience of the holy Fathers we can tell ourselves: ‘It’s absolutely clear that our Lord Jesus loves us who are members of His body, the members of His Holy Consort, and that each of us has been called to love Him back with a love that’s ...

It lights and illumines

Words of Life - 13 January 2018

The fear of God is the root of every good work. Never let it out of your heart even for a minute. Like a candle, may it light and illumine all your thoughts, all the inner movements of your heart. It will teach you to make good progress and to do everything as the work of God. It’ll teach you to s...

The Song of Songs as Divine Revelation (2)

Wisdom & Word - 13 January 2018

Christ’s love for each of us is absolutely unshakeable and unblemished. Our familiarity with Him can’t be lost unless we knowingly cease to take account of His will and no longer communicate with His Spirit. Only our own will can place a barrier- or build a wall- between Him and us. Christ then lo...

Theophany: Bless the Universe

Theology - Video - Video Gallery - 12 January 2018


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