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“Philosophy and Practice”

Conferences - Video - Video Gallery - 15 October 2018


Energy and personality in the theology of John Meyendorf and in contemporary philosophy

Theology - 15 October 2018

Contemporary man… should be more receptive to the basic positions of Byzantine thought, which may then acquire an astonishingly contemporary relevance. Fr. John Meyendorff   Many ideas and positions propounded and maintained in the works of Father John Meyendorff are taken now by us as evid...

Sermon on he Apostolic reading – 4th Sunday of Luke (Titus 3: 8-15)

Biblical Theology - New Testament - 14 October 2018

The Apostle Paul, after being freed from his first imprisonment in Rome, went to Crete with his valued companion, Titus.   After a short period of apostolic activity, The Apostle Paul made Titus the Bishop of Crete to continue the work of evangelizing the people, and the Apostle himself once again c...

The path of life

Words of Life - 14 October 2018

The path of life is all pain and tears, all thorns and nails. Crosses spring up everywhere, there’s stress and sorrow all around. Every step’s a Gethsemane, every hill’s a Golgotha, every moment a spear. If we could squeeze the earth like a sponge, it would drip blood and tears. » Elder Ephraim o...

The Truth of the Faith as a Struggle for Life

Biblical Theology - New Testament - 14 October 2018

People today, who are indifferent towards so many things, are also indifferent to matters of the faith. Naturally, some sociologists and anthropologists are not slow to interpret this phenomenon as ‘the end of faith’. And there are historians who analyze it as ‘a turn towards modernity’ which is typ...

Always remember

Words of Life - 13 October 2018

You have to know and always remember that you’re a fallen person. And since you fell through your reason and your free will, you have to rise from your fall through the same weapons, illumined by the light of the Word of God and strengthened with the Grace of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus. » Sai...

“The Way of the Market” – Response by Phoebe Koundouri to Jeffrey Sachs’s presentation

Conferences - Video - Video Gallery - 13 October 2018


Holy humility

Words of Life - 12 October 2018

People who are humble are cognizant of their inner state and however bad it is, don’t lose their personality. They know they’re sinners and they mourn over it, but they don’t despair, they don’t exhaust themselves. Those who have holy humility don’t talk at all, in other words they don’t react. Th...

“Love your enemy” vs the Golden Rule

Theology - Video - Video Gallery - 12 October 2018


Orthodox Theology and the Judgment of History (3)

Theology - 12 October 2018

For head of the Orthodox Church is neither a man, nor an angel, not even any other creature of God, but the very God-Man, the historical Christ, the Son of the Virgin, Perfect God and perfect Man, Son of God and Son of man. Now, all the meaning, the beauty, the divine-likeness and the kallos of t...

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