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It can be cured

Words of Life - 23 June 2017

There’s only one passion that stops us from doing as much good as we can – negligence. This passion is cured by prayer and alms-giving....

CERN, a community of peace

Technology-Science - 23 June 2017

Dr. Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Computing, CERN, is speaking exclusively to Pemptousia, about the work and life in CERN ( European Organization for Nuclear Research), during his recent visit to Mount Athos...

Our Blessed and God-bearing Fathers of the Holy Mountain

Church Feasts - 23 June 2017

Honoring the saints is a fundamental element of Orthodox tradition and life. Through the churches dedicated to them, through the expressive icons of them as they are in eternity, through the poetic services, through their exciting Lives, through the constant invocation of their name, they’re people ...

Double the benefit

Words of Life - 22 June 2017

Never respect those who criticize their neighbours. Instead, tell them: ‘Stop that. I err every day in worse ways, so who am I to condemn anybody?’ In this way you’ll have double the benefit. With one remedy, you’ll cure both yourself and your neighbor....

On the need to cut off the passions quickly before the soul becomes used to them

Wisdom & Word - 22 June 2017

Set your minds, brethren, to the examination of your affairs and don’t neglect yourselves, because even a little neglect can lead us into great danger. I lately paid a visit to a monk and found him recovering from an illness. As we were talking I learned that he’d been alone and had contracted a fev...

The source of all evil

Words of Life - 21 June 2017

The devil, the source of all evil, leads us into temptation in particular with thoughts of disbelief, blasphemy, hesitancy, despair, pride and vanity. Indirectly, he brings us into temptation through other people, with thoughts of superiority, vainglory, anger and lust, with avarice, greed, envy, ...

Ecumenical Patriarchate purchases ancient church

Ecumenical Patriarchate - Publisher choices - 21 June 2017

One of the world’s oldest churches was purchased by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the ecclesiastical center of the world’s 300 million Orthodox Christians. The Byzantine Basmelekler Church (also known as the Taksiyarhon Church) was purchased on September 10. The Turkish Hurriyet Daily News reporte...

They’re enticements

Words of Life - 20 June 2017

We shouldn’t regard with surprise and meanness of spirit the various sins, weaknesses and passions of other people. All of these are old enticements, they’re weaknesses of the whole human race. We can’t rid ourselves of them by ourselves. What we need is a savior, not an intercessor, not an angel,...

‘Intelligent’ Design? Relax, God is Stranger still

Orthodox Theology & Science - Publisher choices - 20 June 2017

There has been some debate, even at local school-board levels, about the theory of evolution vs. creationism and the more recently offered idea of “intelligent design.” Now Cardinal Cristoph Schönborn has weighed in with an op-ed piece in the New York Times (July 7), claiming that Christians cannot ...

The Spiritual Heart

Orthodox faith - 20 June 2017

Fr Zacharias from Holy Monastery of John the Forerunner, Essex, England, speaks on the nature of what Church Fathers call as Spiritual Heart....

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