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Depending on the zeal

Words of Life - 17 February 2018

Those who follow the path of Christ’s commandments are reborn spiritually and are transfigured. It’s not the same for everyone to the same extent, but depends on their zeal. They’re crucified with Jesus Christ and divine Grace makes them resemble Him Whom they love. Herein lies the theology of the...


Words of Life - 16 February 2018

Humility brings completion of the self. It doesn’t cut your head off. Humility completes us, gives us the discernment to know where we should stand and where not, where we should speak, so that we’re not idle. And where we should surrender entirely to other people, without conditions....

Fundraising Dinner for Panagia Parigoritissa Monastery in Montreal

Orthodoxy in the West - 16 February 2018

Friday, February 9: Metropolitan Sotirios presided at Great Vespers at the celebrating Church of St. Haralambos in Smithville, Ontario. Despite the bad weather, many pious faithful attended. Saturday, February 10: Metropolitan Sotirios celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St. John the Theologian Chur...

Practical repentance and its fruits

Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi (+2009) - 16 February 2018

            Christ is the living truth. “I am the way, and the truth and the life” (John 14, 6). Therefore, He is life without beginning, unlimited (ἀπεριόριστος), unbound (ἀδέσμευτος), co-eternal with the Father, inseparable and undivided from him. “Praise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Ch...

The parable of the prodigal son [part 2]

Theology - Video - Video Gallery - 16 February 2018


It’s not in your interest

Words of Life - 15 February 2018

Don’t make excuses and say that you don’t know what you should do and think you’re not responsible for what you haven’t done. Because if you’d done your best, the rest would have been revealed to you later, just as you go from one room to another and learn on the way. It’s not in your interest to ...

My Neighbour, my Salvation

Wisdom & Word - 15 February 2018

One of the greatest problems of Orthodox spirituality in recent years has been the distortion applied to Orthodox eschatology, that is the prophetic discourse concerning the last times. It’s common for spiritually inexperienced people, without any real knowledge of what Orthodoxy means or what its m...

They’ll have to be quiet

Words of Life - 14 February 2018

In the end, we have one particular temptation which is constantly before us. This is why we shouldn’t want to know what other people are doing. If people come and talk to me about others, I’ll tell them to hold their tongues or I’ll get up and leave....

The parable of the prodigal son [part 1]

Theology - Video - Video Gallery - 14 February 2018


The Feast of the Reception of the Lord as the Fulfilment of the Rite of Mosaic Law

Celebratory speeches - 13 February 2018

The feast of the Reception of the Lord (Candlemas, the Meeting of the Lord) which we celebrated recently is held exactly forty days after the Nativity. The name in Greek means ‘meeting’, but not in the sense of a mere encounter. It’s more in the way of a welcome, that is, someone going out to receiv...

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