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False whispers

Words of Life - 23 January 2017

The evil one whispers to us not to believe. But not the least thing that the Lord said will fail to come to pass. There’s heaven and there’s hell. And we, the faithful, will be judged more severely....

The same way

Words of Life - 22 January 2017

A young shoot, wherever you put it, will turn the same way. A new receptacle will give off a sweet smell or will stink depending on whether you put something fragrant in it or filth....

Orthodox Leadership in a Brave New World

Western Orthodoxy - 22 January 2017

Almost thirty years ago Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn delivered an address atHarvardUniversitythat still ranks as one of the most trenchant and inspired critiques of Western culture ever given. Although some of the political references are dated, two observations remain as true today a...

Excerpts From the “The Mystery of Art”: Holy Madness & Art as Suffering, Prayer and Intercession

Orthodoxy in the West - 22 January 2017

Since I’ve shared my journey as a young artist and glimpsed the beauty of encountering the Orthodox Faith, we can now approach “The Mystery Of Art”. This book was born out of the synergy of my artistic journey and my love for the Ancient Faith. God is the ultimate Artist and Poet. Being fashioned...

Book Review: The Second Edition of “Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity” is as Good as the First

Book Reviews - 22 January 2017

Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity: Various Aspects of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches, George Alexander, OCP Publications: Kerala, India (Second Edition, June 2016). In this second edition of Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity, editor and author George Alexander provides n...

Noah’s ark

Words of Life - 21 January 2017

The monastery’s like Noah’s ark....

Fundamentalism and the Psychology of Violence

Person and violence - 21 January 2017

Propaganda Poster Recently I began what I hope will become a dialogue with a fundamentalist.  That is, I asked on-line for a free copy of the Quran, and in due time it arrived in the mail.  After a decent delay, the people who kindly supplied it to me emailed me to ask what I thought of it.  It wa...

Remembrance of God is instructive and creates humility

Pastoral Care - 21 January 2017

Christ transforms death into sleep, into dormition. When people die, the soul is temporarily separated from the body. The body is given over to decay and returns to the dust of the earth from which it was created. From there, God will re-form and resurrect our bodies at the Second Coming and they’...

With courage

Words of Life - 20 January 2017

Learn to suffer courageously the trials the Lord may allow to visit you. Don’t seek comfort from people in your sorrows, but take your comfort from God....

A Spiritual Migration: The Story of my Return Home

Society - 20 January 2017

As I was growing up, I was living in a world that neither my mother nor father had a complete understanding or control of, particularly my mother who was an immigrant. Of course, my parents allowed me to participate in many of the same “American” luxuries that the other children in my school took ...

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