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How does the Holy Trinity create a person?

Wisdom & Word - 28 June 2017

It’s been noted by theological scholarship on more than one occasion that, in Orthodoxy, dogma and ethos, theory and practice, faith and life are indissolubly bound together. Every invitation to spiritual struggle has a powerful dogmatic foundation and vice versa: the spiritual life of the Church of...

“Our Father”, the Perfect Prayer

Religious Life - 27 June 2017

When the bell rings and everybody tries to avoid saying their prayers (a parody of a prayer, but one which just may be, for some, the last thread connecting their lives with God and therefore the only little window through which they can get into Paradise), let’s remember those reading the following...

Would we have hope?

Words of Life - 27 June 2017

Had the Lord not suffered and died for our sins, who of us would know that sin is such a deadly poison? Had he not risen, who among us would have discovered what a terrible thing sin is or would have any hope? In that case, repentance would have been of no benefit, and forgiveness impossible. Repe...

We step beyond the bounds

Words of Life - 26 June 2017

In our logical thought there’s an insurmountable imperfection: the arguments we employ and the principles on the basis of which we reach conclusions never prove to be sufficient in practice. In the insignificant routine of our existence even such logic, with its inadequate conclusions can be quite...

Dismissal Hymn for the Athonite Fathers (Deacon Dionysios Firifiris)

Chanting - 26 June 2017

The memory of All the Saints who shone on the Holy Mountain is celebrated on the second Sunday of Matthew. The establishment of the common feast began with the composition of the service and encomium by Saint Nikodimos the Athonite. Tone one Let us honor in hymns and songs the Fathers of Athos, ...

Fr. Sergei Bulgakov (1871-1944) – Seventy three years since his death

Personalities - 26 June 2017

The present article constitutes a brief reference to the life and work of Sergei Bulgakov, on attaining seventy three years since his death. Fr. Sergei Bulgakov Sergei Bulgakov was born on 16 July 1871 in the town of Livny, south of Moscow. Although he was raised in a religious ambience, he, ...

Klaus Kenneth: The real life and the meaningful happiness - First part

Society - 26 June 2017

Klaus Kenneth speaks for a society where pleasure, hedonism and vanity dominate....

It doesn’t occur to them

Words of Life - 25 June 2017

Let us always keep God in our mind, because, as Saint Basil the Great says, we fall into the trap of sin when God’s not there. When we aren’t aware of God, we forget that He is everywhere present and that neither good nor evil escapes His attention. We should remember death, because those who do n...

The Creation of the World: The Crossroads between Theology and Science [4]

Orthodox Theology & Science - 25 June 2017

Moreover, the truth is that the idea of creation from nothing had begun to gain ground in the mind of the scientific community, a concept that was clearly closer to a religious approach to things. Already a great figure in science in the 20th century, the physicist and philosopher of science, Sir ...

May He not depart

Words of Life - 24 June 2017

May the Holy Spirit not depart from you, from your heart. Souls are naturally inclined to see the beauty of the form of God. God’s protection weakens our temptations and where there is fear of God, wisdom is granted. We must be people of grace and if others approach us, they must find rest. We sho...

It can be cured

Words of Life - 23 June 2017

There’s only one passion that stops us from doing as much good as we can – negligence. This passion is cured by prayer and alms-giving....

CERN, a community of peace

Technology-Science - 23 June 2017

Dr. Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Computing, CERN, is speaking exclusively to Pemptousia, about the work and life in CERN ( European Organization for Nuclear Research), during his recent visit to Mount Athos...

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