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Grave and weighty errors

Words of Life - 20 July 2018

If we recall the words of the great Elders, if we study them, it’ll be hard for us to fall into sin, difficult for us to neglect ourselves. Because, if we act precisely as they advise us, and don’t ignore the little things and what we might think of as insignificant, then we won’t fall into great ...

Dialogue of religions: historical experience and principal foundations

Ecumenical Dialogues - 20 July 2018

1. Some Pages of History Cultural consciousness of our times formed up by the age of Enlightenment considers relations of different religions and faiths as marked predominantly by discords, conflicts and wars. But inter-religious relations have always been one of the most important factors in civil...

Prophet Elijah, the gift of God

Hagiology - 20 July 2018

Saint Gregory Palamas, speaking in general about the prophets, as also the Fathers of the Church, notes: “God raised up the Prophets and the Fathers unto our guidance and He showed signs and wonders to us through them, so that He could correctly lead us up to faith.” Prophet Elijah, mosaic fro...

The necessity of theology

Theology - Video - Video Gallery - 20 July 2018


Experiences from a Conference: the Internet at the Pastoral Service of the Church

Conferences - 19 July 2018

By God’s Grace, a fortnight has passed since the end of the 2nd International Conference on Digital Media and Orthodox Pastoral Care, which was held at the congenial conference centre of the Orthodox Academy of Crete, at Kolymbari, Hania, with the blessing of His All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarc...

He gives you His own

Words of Life - 19 July 2018

When God sees that you attribute to Him whatever you’re managed to achieve through your own efforts, He then, in turn, gives you what is properly His: divine, spiritual things....

Wicked arrows

Words of Life - 18 July 2018

What are the devil’s arrows? They’re wicked desires, unclean thoughts, devastating passions, rage, jealousy, envy, anger, hatred, love of money and every other form of indolence. All of these can be demolished by the sword of the Spirit, that is the word of God....

Visiting Mount Athos - Living the Miracle

Mount Athos - Video - Video Gallery - 18 July 2018


Anything can change

Words of Life - 17 July 2018

A sign of the first kind of fear is to hate sin and to become angry with it, as if you’ve been wounded by a wild animal. A sign of perfect fear is to love virtue and to fear alteration. Because none of us is immutable. In every matter of this life we should fear the fall....

Philosophy and humanity: a farewell registration?

Philosophy - 17 July 2018

The world wants to add the profits of death to the goods of life. Paul Valery Today a philosopher could say about his subject what prince Hamlet said about his time: Philosophy is out of joint. Philosophical discourse has lost its unity and integrity, it is fragmented and disconnected, and philos...

Practical instruction

Words of Life - 16 July 2018

There’s no other factor that’s so effective as various sorrows, self-inflicted or otherwise, in bringing the mind to a humble outlook. The impossibility of its redemption teaches it in practical terms just how insignificant and inconsequential it is. Then the Lord’s words ‘You can do nothing witho...

The Fourth Ecumenical Synod

Celebratory speeches - 16 July 2018

The 3rd Ecumenical Synod dealt with the heresy of Nestorios, the Patriarch of Constantinople. It condemned him and defined the faith as regards the theanthropic Christ and Our Most Holy Lady the Mother of God. This was after an agreement, known as the Formula for Reunion, was reached in 433 between ...

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