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Lykourgos Angelopoulos - Spotless Undefiled

Chanting - 22 March 2018

From a live recording at a service in the church of Saint Irene, Aiolou St., 30 March 2001. %audio%...

Silence is His answer

Words of Life - 21 March 2018

A lot of people take God’s silence to mean that He doesn’t exist or that He’s dead. But if we thought about the position we put God in with our passions, we’d realize that that He has no choice but to keep silent. We ask for His support in our misbehavior. He doesn’t make us feel guilty in any obv...

‘Triumphant Leader’ (setting by Georgios Raidestinos), Greek Byzantine Choir

Chanting - 21 March 2018

‘Triumphant Leader’ (setting by Georgios Raidestinos), tone plagal four Sung by the Greek Byzantine Choir conducted by Lykourgos Angelopoulos. From the CD Hymne Acathiste (2005). %audio%...

International Almsgiving through the Metropolis Missions Department

Orthodox Mission - Orthodoxy in the West - 21 March 2018

Our Holy Metropolis continues to both directly provide, as well as facilitate, tens of thousands of dollars in international donations through its Missions Department. The Metropolis, for example, provides $12,000 annually to the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea, which is under the jurisdiction of the ...

A Sacred Birth

Culture - 21 March 2018

  Blessed by your name Mary among the woman’s Angel said a holy message changed our world destiny. A heaven's gift was sent to give us a new Hope. A king was born The Son of GOD. Angels filled the midnight sky, singing Hallelujah, He is Christ, our King. A holy spark ...

Before the unjust death of a child

Pastoral Care - 20 March 2018

In the event of death, we usually attempt to rationally explain its happening or to provide a sense of meaning for it through logical interpretations. We compose philosophies, preach theologies and after that, to fill in the gaps of what cannot be explained, we exorcise death with folkloric or relig...

Don’t learn about them

Words of Life - 20 March 2018

Don’t try to learn about the sly and wicked things that people do, because then your soul’s transformed by what you hear....

On Not Judging Our Neighbour

Wisdom & Word - 20 March 2018

If, brethren, we remembered the words of the holy Elders, if we studied them, it would be difficult for us to sin, difficult to neglect ourselves. Because, precisely as they’ve advised us, if we refuse to ignore the little things and what appear to be insignificant, then we won’t fall into greater a...

‘My soul, my soul, arise, why are you sleeping’, (kontakion, Great Canon)

Chanting - 20 March 2018

From a recording of a concert of the Greek Byzantine Choir in Patras on 3/11/2006. The setting is by Konstantinos Pringos and the piece is sung by Panayiotis Koutras, the Protopsaltis of the church of Our Lady Myrtidiotissa, Alimos. %audio%...

He wounds us unto death

Words of Life - 19 March 2018

We blunder about, here and there, we’re troubled about petty and unimportant things. The devil, who has the power of death, traps us in his snares and wounds us unto death. This is why we must be careful not to become too attached to anything earthly, so that we can avoid his afflictions....

Great Lent: Sunday Bible Reading Week 4

Biblical Theology - New Testament - 19 March 2018

Today’s Gospel (Mark 9:17-31, see sidebar), read on the Fourth Sunday of Great Lent (Sunday of St. John Climacus) brings together a number of themes that we have highlighted throughout our Great Lent: Sunday Bible Reading initiative. Faith, specifically faith in the God-man (Theanthropos) Christ; t...

The Power of Prayer

Wisdom & Word - 18 March 2018

‘This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting’ . This phrase in the Gospel reading concerning the miraculous cure of the possessed young man suggests the power and value of prayer. Saint John of the Ladder, whom we celebrate today calls it ‘God’s devout tyrant’, since it won’t l...

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