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You can’t uproot them

Words of Life - 19 October 2017

The source of all wickedness is vainglory and love of pleasure. If you don’t hate those passions, you won’t be able to root out any of the other ones....

It means this

Words of Life - 18 October 2017

To live in an Orthodox manner means: a) I love God very much; b) I try not to sadden Him; c) through my life, I bear witness to Christ....

The Attitude of the Saints towards the Maladies of their Era

Wisdom & Word - 18 October 2017

We feel sad, worried, exposed and afraid not only because of external events, but also because we ourselves have lost the centre of our lives. We’ve become subject to the temptations which Christ rejected in the desert: gluttony, vainglory and the desire for power. We’ve chased after easy money. W...

Bring faith back into Canadian politics

Religion - Society - 18 October 2017

TORONTO—I recently attended a leadership workshop where a guest speaker spoke about the importance of listening, supporting her point by articulating that “God” gave us two ears, but only one mouth, so that we would listen more, and talk less. It was quite a surprise to hear that word, God, in such ...

It’s the plan

Words of Life - 17 October 2017

In accordance with His plan, God allows each person to be tested with various sorrows, so that it will be obvious who it is who loves Him....

The Truth of the Faith as a Struggle for Life

Biblical Theology - New Testament - 17 October 2017

People today, who are indifferent towards so many things, are also indifferent to matters of the faith. Naturally, some sociologists and anthropologists are not slow to interpret this phenomenon as ‘the end of faith’. And there are historians who analyze it as ‘a turn towards modernity’ which is typ...

People of grace

Words of Life - 16 October 2017

We must be people of grace, so that those who meet us find relief....

The Allegorical Interpretation of Biodiversity in the Epistle of Barnabas

Biblical Theology - New Testament - 16 October 2017

Paper delivered by Prof. Goutzioudis at the 3rd Hagiological Conference on the subject: ‘The Apostolic Fathers and their Era’, which was held in Smyrna and Ephesus (4-8 May 2017) The name of the Apostle Barnabas was linked to the authorship of the work in question by Clement the Alexandrian, Orig...

The Importance of the Right Faith in the Life of the Church

Religious Life - 15 October 2017

The dogmatic boundaries of the Church The significance of the right faith for the existence of the Church God’s love knows no bounds, it’s without limits. As Saint Gregory of Nyssa puts it in his Dialogue on the soul and resurrection, the divine life is activated through love and God’s agapetic. E...

The result of judging others

Words of Life - 15 October 2017

Listen to me, listen to me all you bad judges of other people’s sins. Because if it’s true- and it really is- that ‘For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged’ (Matth. 7, 2), then rest assured that we shall fall into the same sins, be they bodily or spiritual, for which we’ve condemned...

We’re not there yet

Words of Life - 14 October 2017

We haven’t reached rock bottom yet, we’ve still got some way to go, but once we do then things will start to sort themselves out....

Thoughts on the crisis of our times

Wisdom & Word - 14 October 2017

The saints are our friends and the friends of God, the people to whom we can always turn. On the one hand, to receive comfort and strength. On the other to receive models tried and tested by God for our everyday life, our everyday trial, since they’ve been tried and proved ‘like gold in the furnace’...

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