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Deisis of Vatopedi Holy Monastery

Mosaics - 24 August 2017

Above the entrance leading from the exonarthex to the narthex, in a semi-circular shallow lunette, is the scene of the Deisis (Fig. 184). Christ is shown in the middle, sitting on a backless throne and resting His feet on a richly decorated footstool. With His right hand He gives His blessing and...

The Grandeur of the Mother of God [3]

Celebratory speeches - Theotokos (Mother of God) - 23 August 2017

If we see that some saints enjoy greater glory than others, this is due to the fact they have even a little bit more of Christ’s humility within them, nothing else. There are saints who have astonishing ascetic achievements to their name, but have less glory than others who performed fewer ascetic...

The happy medium

Words of Life - 23 August 2017

We should all tread the middle path: more philosophically than those who are completely uninvolved and more humanely than those who philosophize the whole time. If it’s difficult for you to turn to wickedness, you won’t suspect evil....

Abbess Thekla: Orthodoxy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Orthodox faith - 23 August 2017

Abbess Thekla from Kolwezi, Congo, speaks on Orthodoxy in Sub-Saharan Africa...

Christianity and Ancient Art: Rupture or Dialogue? (2)

Ecclesiastical Art - 23 August 2017

Typical of the ancient temples in this category (see part 1) is the case of the most important monument of Classical antiquity, the Parthenon. Its conversion into a Christian church possibly should be placed at the end of the 5th century or more likely to the period of Justinian. The ancient templ...

Metropolitan Pavlos: Orthodox Christianity in Aleppo

Church World - 22 August 2017

Still missing Metropolitan Pavlos of Aleppo speaks on Orthodox Christianity in his City...

It doesn’t depend on education

Words of Life - 22 August 2017

Faith, the ability to believe, doesn’t depend in the first place on the degree of our education. In fact, in our own times, when there’s widespread education, we see that faith is dwindling, whereas, in essence you’d expect the opposite to be true. In other words, the more we learn, the greater th...

On sudden death

Wisdom & Word - 22 August 2017

Nowadays when science and technology are flying, when cultures converge and there is a crisis in values, even the word ‘death’ is avoided and anything reminiscent of it is ignored and discarded. Modern man views death as something negative and as a loss; we usually say for the departed: ‘We’ve lost ...

A Transition to Life: The Dormition of the Mother of God

Church Feasts - Wisdom & Word - 22 August 2017

Every time we celebrate the Dormition of the Mother of God, it’s as if we’re having Easter – the Easter of the summer. Our Lady the Mother of God prepares Easter for us. A glorious crossing “from death to life”. A second Easter, holy spotless, life-giving for the human race, because today “the laws ...

The Responsibility of Love - 11th Sunday of Matthew

Biblical Theology - New Testament - 21 August 2017

One of the features of our society is a sense of lawlessness. It’s a belief common to all that certain people get treated in a preferential way, that, while laws exists, they aren’t applied- or at least not equally- to everybody. At the same time it’s seen as ‘reasonable’, only to be expected in pra...

It’s of great significance

Words of Life - 21 August 2017

It’s tremendously important that somebody in the family should pray. Prayer attracts God’s Grace, which is felt by all the members, even those with a cold heart. Always pray....

Abbot Damascene: Message from USA

Religion - 21 August 2017


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