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The Danger of Idolatry Today

Biblical Theology - 17 December 2017

A fundamental demand of Christianity is personal renewal, not as a static event which is accomplished automatically, once and for all, but as a continuous, dynamic progression, with mistakes and corrections. The Christian Gospel wasn’t presented to the world merely as a new teaching, but most of all...

On Almsgiving

Wisdom & Word - 17 December 2017

According to Saint Basil, there are three things which incline us towards doing good, as I’ve mentioned to you before. We may do so because we fear damnation, in which case we’re in the position of a servant. Perhaps we wish to gain a reward, which puts us in the position of a paid employee. Or we d...

It feels the betrayal

Words of Life - 16 December 2017

Breaking the commandment brought about the fall, which is our separation from God and everything to do with Him. God accepted our repentance, return and submission to Him once He’d repaired our relationship through His own love and holiness. According to the Fathers, the most acceptable form of re...

May the Phos (Light) be With You

Wisdom & Word - 16 December 2017

Popular culture is going to go crazy for Star Wars in the coming months. Count me among the millions of people who cannot wait for the latest installment of Star Wars entitled, The Force Awakens! George Lucas’ Star Wars films have captured the imagination of generations both young and old. Growing-...

Whoever we are

Words of Life - 15 December 2017

The passion of self-aggrandisement sprouts in some way in almost all of us. This is why the Lord begins the beatitudes with it. He roots out pride from our character as being the primordial evil by advising us to imitate Him, Who voluntarily became poor and Who is truly blessed. In this way we’ll ...

An Address on Pietism

Ethics - 15 December 2017

We conceal a serpent in our hearts, a great heresy, the other side of the coin called Ecumenism, and it’s known as pietism. Its parents are fear and wickedness. Its beloved is faithlessness and its offspring hardness of heart. You see lots of Christians who really believe and go to church, people wi...

The cure of the crippled woman

Theology - Video - Video Gallery - 15 December 2017


The Lord awaits

Words of Life - 14 December 2017

Whether you live for five years or a hundred and five is of no consequence. What matters is the health of the soul. Good for those, who, in a case of illness face it with repentance! Whether they live or not, they’ll be ready. The Lord’s waiting. He’s waiting at Jacob’s well for every soul, no mat...

Christ and the Social Problem

Wisdom & Word - 13 December 2017

The more that people are cleansed of the passions, the greater their capacity for real communion with God and other people. Those who take a romantic and external view of the human person transfer wickedness from the person onto society, which is why they proclaim that any improvement in society wi...

Everything’s deceptive

Words of Life - 13 December 2017

Your life on earth is a strait-jacket. Everything betrays you: family, friends, acquaintances, riches, sensory pleasures. Even your own body will leave you at some point. All the elements of nature deceive you. So make sure you cleave to God, because He alone is love....

They hide the sun

Words of Life - 12 December 2017

Just as the clouds hide the sun, so wicked thoughts darken and destroy the mind....

Answer and solution

Words of Life - 11 December 2017

People today should avail themselves of the intercession of the Mother of God, which saves us. In every sadness and problem, we shouldn’t forget that there is the ‘help of the sorrowing, the protector, the defender, the consolation of the fearful’, to whom we can turn and find comfort, an immediat...

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