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The Church as a Therapeutic Center: The Curing of the Soul

Pastoral Theology - 24 June 2018

In the previous section, we said that the Church is a Hospital, a healing center. It heals man’s sick personality. If the darkening of the nous is the real illness, then cure consists of the illumination and livening of the nous. The subject of Orthodox psychotherapy should be viewed in this perspec...

Our own limitations

Words of Life - 23 June 2018

Don’t be dictatorial in the way you speak, though this doesn't mean that you should deny true values. Just be aware of your own limitations....

Stress and melancholy

Words of Life - 22 June 2018

Stress is caused by the eradication of the religious sense. Unless you have love for Christ, unless you concern yourself with holy matters, you’re bound to be full of melancholy and badness....

The Bliss of Paradise

Wisdom & Word - 22 June 2018

‘Blessed are those who know you even if they know nothing else; those who know you and everything else, however, aren’t blessed for that reason, but simply because they know you’. Oh, the bliss of Paradise! Where the blessed will be similar and equal to the angels and not ‘a little less than them’....

Do not worry

Theology - Video - Video Gallery - 22 June 2018


Living truly

Words of Life - 21 June 2018

To live truly, we have to live in the way God ordained when He made us. Unless we do, we aren’t living at all....

The Church as a Therapeutic Center: Consequences of Man’s Fall

Pastoral Theology - 21 June 2018

The neptic teaching of the Church that refers to the inner world is strongly related to the social teaching. It might be supposed that the ascetic life of the Church has no contact with reality. In fact, the opposite is true. Only by making this analysis of the Fall are we able to solve the problems...

Magnificent and unknown providence

Words of Life - 20 June 2018

We live as though we don’t feel the magnificence of divine providence. God’s very adroit. We can’t understand His actions. Don’t think that God’s done something wrong and then corrected it: God doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t correct anything. But Who God is in His profundity, in His essence, w...

A Life Centred on Christ or on Ourselves?

Biblical Theology - 20 June 2018

The third Sunday of Matthew, and the Gospel reading, attempts, perhaps more than at any other time, to get us to move us to make a change, to put to right inclinations which are foreign and alien to us. In the text, the Evangelist castigates the perpetual, disordered attitude among many people- then...

Time to open the door to Him

Words of Life - 19 June 2018

Christ comes lots of times and knocks at your door. You ask Him into the sitting-room of your soul and then get involved with other tasks and forget all about the great Visitor. He waits for you to appear and when a long time’s passed He gets up and leaves. Next time, you’re so busy, you answer H...

The Church as a Therapeutic Center: The Illness of the Soul

Pastoral Theology - 19 June 2018

When speaking about the illness of the soul, we primarily mean the loss of Divine Grace, which has repercussions to the body also, and then the whole person is sick. There might be an absence of bodily illness, but without the Grace of God there is no health. To best comprehend the Fall of man, i...

Non-Gender and One-Gender in the Gnostic Gospels (4)

Bioethics - 19 June 2018

The distinction between the sexes isn’t the inspiration of a wicked God Who created the material body which the supporters of gender Theory are called upon to set to rights. For Orthodox theology, the distinction between the sexes isn’t the result of the fall which must be overridden so that we can ...

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