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Theophany: Bless the Universe

12 January 2018

Saint John the Baptist

7 January 2018

Saint Basil the Great

1 January 2018

The Magi

25 December 2017

The cure of the crippled woman

15 December 2017

Love your enemies

8 December 2017

‘Sell everything you have and give to the poor…and come and follow me’

1 December 2017

The Rich Fool & The Prison of Self (Luke 12: 16-21)

24 November 2017

Sermon of The Good Samaritan: the Other and the Self

17 November 2017

Are There Virtuous Lay People in Contemporary World?

9 September 2017

Archim. Zacharias: “Descent” as a Way of Meeting God

6 September 2017

Fr. Georgios Metallinos: Orthodoxy and Hellenism

3 September 2017

The Experience of Orthodox Life

1 September 2017

Put your spiritual oxygen-mask on

29 August 2017

A Journey to Holy Mountain Athos – Part I

26 August 2017

Abbess Thekla: Orthodoxy in Sub-Saharan Africa

23 August 2017

Metropolitan Pavlos: “Orthodox Christianity in Aleppo”

22 August 2017

Let go & let God

20 August 2017

Jonathan Jackson: Cooperation between Church and State

18 August 2017

Monk Iakovos: “Holy Mountain’s Psaltic Tradition”

14 August 2017

Fr. Emmanuel Klapsis: “Charismatic and Academic Theology”

11 August 2017

Artemis: “Mash Up Sessions II”, Music from the Soul

9 August 2017

Jonathan Jackson: Experiences from Greece

7 August 2017

St Gregory Palamas & Taboric Light in Russian Visual Culture

6 August 2017

Dr Andreas Andreopoulos: The effect of hesychasm on the icon of the Transfiguration

5 August 2017

Chanting in Mt Athos

2 August 2017

Metropolitan Kallistos: “My Acquaintance with Elder Sophrony”

30 July 2017

Klaus Kenneth: “The meaning of Music”

29 July 2017

Abbot Damascene: Social media and spiritual life

28 July 2017

Metropolitan of Atlanta, Alexios: “My Life in Mt Athos”

24 July 2017

Orthodoxy’s offering to America

21 July 2017

Abbot Damascene: Brotherhood of Monastery St Herman of Alaska

19 July 2017

The Inter-Orthodox Dialogue in Germany

18 July 2017

Father Jonah from Taiwan speaks about Saint Porphyrios

15 July 2017

Jonathan Jackson: The art of acting, the role of Orthodox Christianity and my new production

14 July 2017

Metropolitan of Drama, Paul, speaks on the area of Pontos

12 July 2017

Jonathan Jackson: ‘How my entry into Orthodoxy affected the people around me’

11 July 2017

Metropolitan of Lemesos, Athanasios: “Signs of the Times”

9 July 2017

Metropolitan Kallistos: “The First Thing that Drew Me to Orthodoxy”

6 July 2017

Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogaia: “Material Desires”

3 July 2017

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