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Sermon on the 1st Sunday of Luke (Luke 5: 1-11)

Biblical Theology - New Testament - 23 September 2018

What should be admired first from what the Evangelist Luke told us today? The people of Galilee, who thirsted to hear the words of Jesus? They filled the shore of Lake Gennesaret as soon as they learned that Jesus was there, and they longed to see Him and hear Him. His word sweetened their hearts an...

Toward a Greener Attica - Keynote Address by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

Conferences - Video - Video Gallery - 23 September 2018



Words of Life - 22 September 2018

One of the signs of egotism is the presence of some feeling of jealousy within us. We must avoid this feeling as if it were black death itself. The genuine Christian life liberates us from jealousy. » Elder Sophrony of Essex...

When God is obliged

Words of Life - 21 September 2018

Insofar as someone suffers a variety of trials, be they bodily or spiritual and bears them consciously and thanks God, then, if nothing else, God’s obliged to send His consolation to cool their souls. The more you suffer, the greater’s your reward. ...

Cross through pain, to glory, to life

Theology - Video - Video Gallery - 21 September 2018


Toward a Greener Attica - Welcoming Address by Fahad Abualnasr

Conferences - Video - Video Gallery - 21 September 2018


Watch constantly

Words of Life - 20 September 2018

In order for people to become truly spiritual, they must be aware of their many shortcomings, the many mistakes they make, the many sins they’ve committed. They certainly must seek the sacrament of confession. Spiritual people must constantly watch and supervise the thoughts of their heart and the...

The Orthodox Spiritual Life in the World

Orthodox faith - Society - Video - Video Gallery - 20 September 2018


The power of the soul

Words of Life - 19 September 2018

In accordance with the teachings of our God-bearing Fathers, the powers of the soul are four: wisdom, prudence, courage and righteousness. These act through the so-called ‘tripartite’ nature of the soul, that is; the intelligent, incensive and appetitive (the soul’s desiring power). Wisdom’s task ...

Toward a Greener Attica - Welcoming Address by Revd Nicholas Holtam

Conferences - Video - Video Gallery - 19 September 2018


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