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On Not Despairing

Hagiology - 23 November 2017

Saint Amfilokhios' feast day is the 23rd November There was another brother who, after sinning, repented and then withdraw into solitude. It happened, though, that he struck his foot on a rock and injured it so badly that blood came pouring out of the wound. He lost so much blood, in fact, that he ...

We should tell it

Words of Life - 23 November 2017

Anything we achieve through God’s grace should be shared with others, to His glorification....

Awareness of Orthodox Identity in Inter-Religious Dialogues

Ecumenical Dialogues - 23 November 2017

The term “Orthodoxy’ comes from two Greek words, one meaning ‘correct’ and the other ‘to think’. The word therefore has the sense of ‘correct thinking’. True faith is not cut off from the ecclesiastical, liturgical and sacramental life as glory and praise of God . The true faith is a product of what...

Celibacy and Monasticism

Ethics - 23 November 2017

Apart from marriage, which is the natural way of life for us humans, there’s also celibacy as a way of life beyond what’s natural. In the New Testament and the Patristic tradition, celibacy is declared to be superior to marriage. This observation doesn’t refer to virginity or celibacy as such, but r...

Discourse on the Entry of the Mother of God

Celebratory speeches - 22 November 2017

A brief discourse on the child of God Mary, when she was dedicated to God at the age of three years old, in the Holy of Holies, by her parents. When it was time for God’s mystery for our salvation to be accomplished, it was necessary that the workshop where this would happen should be full of holin...

He won’t abandon you

Words of Life - 22 November 2017

Be very patient and don’t worry, because you’re a sensitive person, which is why you have health problems. Make your heart a rugged rock so that you can endure. God won’t abandon you; He’ll strengthen and bless you. I’m glad you’re thinking about your soul and are concerned about eternal life....

Address on the Feast of Our Most Holy Lady – 2

Theotokos (Mother of God) - 22 November 2017

This is today’s feast, the event we’re celebrating today, the escorting of the maiden to the Temple and her introduction into the Holy of Holies. What a strange event! What an astonishing thing it is that we hear! A little girl living in the fathomless and unseen depths of God. Even if she had no mo...

It’s not just my business

Words of Life - 21 November 2017

No-one is saved alone. My salvation isn’t my own business, my own tiny, individual affair. It’s an ontological event which involves not only the whole of humankind but also the whole of creation, every single thing that God has created....

Address on the Feast of Our Most Holy Lady - 1

Theotokos (Mother of God) - 21 November 2017

Address on the Feast of Our Most Holy Lady the Mother of God, when she was taken by her Parents to the Temple All too often the “remembrance of the righteous which is accompanied by encomia” is an opportunity to censure the person praising if he falls short of expressing the worth of the person bei...

We should be aware

Words of Life - 20 November 2017

It’s not enough for prayer just to proceed from the lips. It’s of great importance that we should love Him Whom we’re addressing. But we can’t feel that love if we repeat prayers mechanically, or even if we concentrate. Unless we struggle with all our powers to observe the Lord’s commandments, the...

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