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It’s their business

Words of Life - 20 February 2018

When we go to doctors for treatment, we don’t tell them what to do. Theyknowtheirjob. All we do is tell them we’re in pain and where. Truth is given to us when we seek it humbly, as we seek a cure from a doctor. We can’t order the truth, but we can ask that it be given to us, to be revealed to us....

“Entering Great Lent”

Celebratory speeches - 20 February 2018

My Beloved Clergymen, Monastics, Parish Council & Philoptochos Presidents and Members, and all the faithful of the Metropolis of Atlanta: This Sunday is a very important Sunday for all faithful Orthodox Christians, coming as it does before the beginning of Great Lent, and as part of the Church’...

The Forty Days

Lent & fasting - 20 February 2018

The two preceding Sundays, of the Last Judgment and of Forgiveness, together constitute – albeit in reverse order – a recapitulation of the whole range of sacred history, from its beginning point, Adam in Paradise, to its end-point, the Second Coming of Christ, when all time and history are taken up...

Thoughts on Great Lent

Wisdom & Word - 20 February 2018

In this period, we have two fasts, as we all know. There are about seven weeks of strict fasting, eight if you include the Cheese-fare weekwhich precedes. For a lot of people this is an enjoyable and desirable time, for others it’s difficult and for others again not at all pleasant. We’ll try to con...

Those whom I like

Words of Life - 19 February 2018

I have to renounce everything tawdry so that I can have as a friend a person whom I admire for the loftiness of their soul. I have to cast off egotism by loving an unselfish friend. And I have to abandon brutality by loving a gentle friend....

Sunday of Cheese-fare: Forgiving and Fasting’

Theology - 18 February 2018

The time of preparation for the Fast ends with the Sunday of Cheese-fare and so we pass into great and blessed Lent, which is full of mixed experiences and feelings transmitted to us in a mystical way by its penitential services. Today’s Gospel reading brings us to the introductory period of our pre...

Adam’s Lament

Theology - 18 February 2018

a) The dominant theme in the hymnology of Cheese-fare Sunday is ‘Adam’s Lament’ since ‘on this day we keep the memory of the expulsion of Adam the First-created from the paradise of delight’. In Paradise, Adam, the father of the whole world, knew the sweetness of divine love. So when he was expelle...

They were carefully guarded

Words of Life - 18 February 2018

When life is full of troubles, people get the feeling that the curse and anger of God has come upon them. But when these trials have passed, they'll see that God’s wonderful providence protected them meticulously in all facets of their existence. Thousands of years of experience, transmitted from ...

I Condemn Hypocrisy

Wisdom & Word - 18 February 2018

Sermon preached by Elder Meliton (Hatzi), Metropolitan of Chalcedon (1913-1989) in the Cathedral Church of Athens   Cheese-fare Sunday, 8 March, 1970   My friends, There was nothing the Lord castigated so much as hypocrisy. And rightly so, since He saw in it the greatest deceptive ...

Depending on the zeal

Words of Life - 17 February 2018

Those who follow the path of Christ’s commandments are reborn spiritually and are transfigured. It’s not the same for everyone to the same extent, but depends on their zeal. They’re crucified with Jesus Christ and divine Grace makes them resemble Him Whom they love. Herein lies the theology of the...

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