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Inner darkness

Words of Life - 22 July 2017

The Fathers tell us that awareness of sinfulness is a great gift from God, greater than the sight of sublime visions. When we become aware of our inner darkness and see the infernal and repulsive form of sin, which leaves us feeling revolted, then divine Grace will bring us its own consolation....

The tradition of printmaking on Mount Athos

Ecclesiastical Art - 22 July 2017

Artistic tradition on Mt Athos is usually connected to icons and religious murals. There is however another artistic practice, usually underrated and in general unknown to the majority, that is the art of printmaking mainly woodcuts and copper engravings. It is an art that flourished from the 17th c...

How the Orthodox Church Approaches Transplants

Bioethics - 22 July 2017

The Orthodox Approach It is natural that the theological approach to contemporary problems should be measured against perfection, which is the measure of Christ. But this measure, which Christians should always have before them, should not be converted into a sword to overcome those who are weak ...

Orthodoxy's offering to America

Church World - 21 July 2017


The most precious thing

Words of Life - 21 July 2017

Our time is the most important thing we have for our salvation....

Prophet Elijah, the gift of God

Hagiology - 21 July 2017

Saint Gregory Palamas, speaking in general about the prophets, as also the Fathers of the Church, notes: “God raised up the Prophets and the Fathers unto our guidance and He showed signs and wonders to us through them, so that He could correctly lead us up to faith.” Prophet Elijah, mosaic fro...

Advent a time of Spiritual House Cleaning

Religious Life - 21 July 2017

I have never been a particularly patient person. In grocery stores, I do mental math trying to determine which checkout line is the fastest. I’d like to be done *now*. When approaching a red light, I aim for the lane with fewer cars. I want to be at my destination *now*. I’ve never done partic...

Condign punishment

Words of Life - 20 July 2017

They haven’t read, they haven’t heard that those who distance themselves from God are lost. If the nation is to recover, it needs a spiritual rebirth. It should put a stop to corruption and moral turpitude. It should end immorality, sin, injustice, greed, impiety and blasphemy. Look at the history...

The Prophet Elijah

Celebratory speeches - 20 July 2017

One of God's greatest Prophet in the Old Testament is the Prophet Elijah.  He lived and prophesied, according to the Books of Kings (III Kings 17:1 - IV Kings 2:18), during the days of Achaab (873-854 B.C.) and Ochozia (854-853 B.C.).  His zeal for the true faith in the one and only God of Israel le...

Economic Crisis – The Role of the Church

Wisdom & Word - 20 July 2017

Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durrës and All Albania addressed the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches which met in September 2012 at the Orthodox Academy of Crete, in Hania, Crete. As always, he spoke with a clear message, on this occasion undertaking a pointed examination of the ...

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