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The great enemy of truth

Words of Life - 27 May 2018

The great opponent of truth, the thing that draws people today into perdition, is delusion. Because of this, the souls of the feckless are filled with dark ignorance which estranges them from God. They don’t recognize Christ as God, even though He regenerated and enlightened us. Either that or t...

Let us celebrate the feast of Pentecost - Elder Stefanos of the Daniilei Brotherhood

Chanting - 27 May 2018

The late Elder Stefanos of the Daniïleï Brotherhood (Katounakia, the Holy Mountain) sings the wonderful hymn from Vespers on the Eve of Pentecost. This hymn encapsulates the ‘majestic and great mystery’, the advent of the Holy Spirit into the world. Tone 1 "Let us celebrate the feast of Pentecos...

Sunday of Pentecost

Church Feasts - 27 May 2018

After fifty days from our Lord's glorious Resurrection our Holy Orthodox Church celebrates Pentecost. This feast day is very important for all mankind, because it is the birthday of our Church. It is the day on which the Church, the Body of Christ, begins to function as the living organization in wh...

Saturday of the Souls

Religious Life - 26 May 2018

We’ll say a few words here about the profound meaning of the Saturdays of the Souls. Obviously, these days are dedicated to the dead, to the souls, to the world of the spirits. People aren’t just the body we see living, moving, working, rejoicing, suffering, growing old and dying. They’re also immo...

It’s a gift from God

Words of Life - 26 May 2018

Every good thing comes from God. There’s not a single good thought that isn’t from God, nor wicked one that isn’t from the devil. Anything good you conceive, say or do, they’re all God’s gift. ‘Every perfect gift comes down from above’. It’s all a gift from God; we’ve got nothing of our own....

Non-Gender and One-Gender in the Gnostic Gospels (3)

Bioethics - 25 May 2018

Whereas gender theories claim that the problem lies in the human body and its sex, which may need to be corrected, Patristic theology insists that God did not make any mistake and that evil lies in our own actions. What is bad is not the material world, but ‘the pride of intellect, the impudence o...

Like a smoking furnace

Words of Life - 25 May 2018

You can’t just eat, drink and smoke your way through life and make it a constant round of food, drink and tobacco. The spirit of evil has tried to turn us into perpetual smokers. He’s made our mouths, which ought to praising God all the time, into smoking furnaces....

Kids, baptism and theology

Theology - Video - Video Gallery - 25 May 2018


They’re in the depths of despair

Words of Life - 24 May 2018

There are two forms of birth: one according to the flesh, the other the spirit. Christ said to Nicodemus: ‘Those who are born of the flesh are flesh; those who are born of the spirit are spirit. Don’t be surprised that I said you must be born from above’ (Jn. 3, 6-7). The women of our own age hav...

Inner darkness

Words of Life - 23 May 2018

The Fathers tell us that the sense of sinfulness is a great gift from God, even superior to the sight of sublime visions. When we realize our inner darkness,s and the infernal and disgusting nature of sin is revealed- giving rise, as it does, to repulsion- then divine grace brings its own comfort....

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