For the fourth year in succession one of the most difficult MTB (mountain bike) races in the world was held in the Pindos mountain range. It was a great success and attracted competitors from various countries outside Greece. (Photos: Kipriotakis Eleftherios)
Eight days of mountain stages with lots of climbs and descents, starting at Smixi, Grevena (1,200 m.), finishing in the historic town of Nafpaktos.
The riders passed through six prefectures and 57 villages in total, enjoying (as far as they could!) the unsurpassed beauty of the Pindos Mountains, as well as the vitality of the villages which hosted the event.
Just before the start of the stage from Kallirroi (1040 m.) to Pyli, Trikala.
Marking the most remote and inaccessible paths on the Pindos range.
Daybreak in beautiful and hospitable Krikello.
Quite a long descent before the wonderful forest of Oxya.
Burst tyres can determine the outcome of the race.
Crossing small rivers is one of the most challenging features of the race.
Thomas Papadopoulos, the eventual winner of the 8-day race, in Smixi on the first day.
First refreshments, 35 kms. from Smixi, before the core of the Valia Calda National Park.
One of the most tricky paths.
Waiting for the start of another difficult stage.
Climbing Vardousia from Artotina to the finish at Athanasios Diakos.
When the going gets tough…. Climbing at 1800 m.
Winners of the three-day event.
The winners of the 8-day race at the summit of Sarantaina, from Agrafa to Krikello.
The finish-line at Pyli, Trikala.
First respite after the race.