Saint Porfyrios: ‘Get yourself Home, your Daughter’s Committing Suicide!’

10 January 2020

One time, a well-known lawyer told me: ‘I had a case involving a lady of very high standing, an exceptional person, extremely well-educated. But she didn’t go to church, didn’t confess, didn’t believe.

I was able on one occasion to persuade her to come with me to see Elder Porfyrios. She came only out of deference to my feelings.

We went into the Elder’s cell and I made a start with introducing her to him, but he said immediately: ‘Leave. Leave at once. Get yourself home!’

I was astounded and didn’t know what to make of the Elder’s behavior.

I said: ‘But Elder, this lady and I have come to see you, to get your blessing’, and so on.

He answered: ‘Leave. Go now or it’ll be too late. Your daughter’s at home and she’s taking some substance to commit suicide. Leave!’

That’s exactly what was going on, but, by the prayers of the Elder, we were in time and saved the daughter.

From the book Όσιος Πορφύριος, Μαρτυρίες, διηγήσεις, νουθεσίες, published by Enomeni Romiosini Publications