The Monastery’s dedicated to Archangel Michael the Tharene in the village of Laerma, Rhodes. Visitors and pilgrims alike are uniformly impressed by this stone-built, Byzantine structure in the shape of a cross.
The monastery had been bereft of monks for many years when, in 1989, His Eminence Amfilokhios (Tsoukos), Metropolitan of New Zealand, in his then capacity of Abbot, founded the brotherhood at Thari.
The Monastery is dedicated to the Archangel Michael the Tharene.
The architecture of the church exhibits 6 phases and the icon-paintings 4. All that remains from the Byzantine period is the main church.
The entrance to the monastery.
Inside the main church.
The bishop’s throne.
The lectern.
The majestic and venerable icon of the Archangel Michael the Tharene.
The most important wall-paintings extend from the altar up to the dome. At the top is a depiction of Christ the Lord of All, with two concentric circles of angels bowing before the Throne.
Wall-paintings from a later phase.
In the courtyard of the church, older structures have been repaired and extended. Today these house the Abbot’s quarters, the refectory, the kitchen and the guest rooms, as well as the ‘Thari’ radio and television station.
External view.
Just outside the traditional entrance to the monastery is a spring, the holy water from which brings relief to thirsty pilgrims.
In the grounds of the monastery there are chapels dedicated to the Honorable Forerunner and Saint Nektarios.
Those who visit the Monastery are immediately aware of the Archangel’s blessing and are calmed by the natural beauty of the landscape at Thari.
The fathers of the monastery are distinguished for their warm and heartfelt hospitality. Every day, crowds of people visit the monastery to reverence the Archangel and wonder at the majesty of God.
Through the prayers of the Archangel, Christ our God, have mercy upon us.