Annual Spiritual Clergy Retreat of our Holy Metropolis

10 October 2017

The Annual Spiritual Clergy Retreat of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada) took place from October 2 — 5, 2017, in Kingston, Ontario. The retreat was organized by Fr. P. Avgeropoulos, President of the Presbyters Council. There was an excellent program, which was flawlessly executed. Warmest congratulations to Fr. P. Avgeropoulos and the Executive of the Presbyters Council.

Speakers and Presentations

“Whoever confesses Me before men, him will I also confess before My Father who is in Heaven” (Matthew 10:32) — Fr. Α. Allain.

Every Community as a microcosm of our Holy Metropolis — Metropolitan Sotirios.

The Priest as liturgist and catechist: Teaching the Divine Liturgy and liturgical uniformity — Fr. Ν. Mostratos.

Confession of Faith and Youth — Fr. C. Chatzis.

Clergy Relations with the Holy Metropolis — Fr. T. Prattas.

Clergy Financial Security: Winning Approaches and Strategies — Fr. P. Rougas.

Every day began with Matins at the Travelodge Hotel LaSalle, owned by the Karkoulis brothers, and concluded with Paraklesis. On Tuesday, October 3rd, however, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated at Koimisis Greek Orthodox Church in Kingston, where Metropolitan Sotirios celebrated the Divine Liturgy with forty-one (41) priests, who participated in the Spiritual Retreat. The Divine Liturgy was celebrated with exemplary order and Byzantine majesty. It truly ascended all who attended to the Heavens; pious faithful from the Community of Kingston also participated in the Divine Liturgy.

Following the Divine Liturgy, the Community of Kingston served a magnificent dinner to all of the clergy and parishioners who attended the Divine Liturgy. We thank the Community of Kingston, the Parish Priest, Fr. Matthew Penney, and the Community President, D. Sennis. As is traditional each year, church hymns and Greek songs were sung under the direction of Fr. O. Drossos.

The speakers presented excellently on their topics. The discussion which followed each topic, under the spiritual guidance of Metropolitan Sotirios, was conducted in an exemplary manner. Without a doubt, this Clergy Retreat was the best and the most spiritual.

At the start and end of this Spiritual Clergy Retreat, Metropolitan Sotirios offered directives and spiritual advice. Everyone was pleased, glorifying God. Metropolitan Sotirios expressed the gratitude of the Church to all our priests, especially those who work in our parishes across the vast expanse of Canada. He asked all to pray for him and the Church, as he confirmed that he prays at the chapel of the Life-Giving Font in his apartment every morning and evening for all.