Sister Vassa: The Sunday of Orthodoxy

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Let go & let God 2 January 2015 A 2-minute, New Year's reflection, on letting go and letting God, hosted by Dr. Sr. Vassa Larin of the Un... Category: Orthodox faith
Metropolitan Isikhios of Capitoliada: “Martyr Philoumenos, †Nov. 29, 1979″ 2 January 2015 Category: Church World
Saint Basil the Great 1 January 2015 Don't miss the award-winning New Year episode of Sister Vassa, featuring Saint Basil the Great and other ... Category: Orthodox faith
Monk Iakovos: “Holy Mountain’s Psaltic Tradition” 31 December 2014 Monk Iakovos, Protopsaltis (First Chanter) of the Church of Protato, Karyes, Mt Athos, speaks on Holy Mou... Category: Byzantine Music
Fr. Emmanuel Klapsis: “Charismatic and Academic Theology” 30 December 2014 Protopresbyter Emmanuel Klapsis, US, speaks on relationships among Charismatic and Academic Theology... Category: Orthodox faith
Artemis: “Mash Up Sessions II”, Music from the Soul 29 December 2014 Hip hop artist Artemis speaks on his new work's religious and spiritual influences... Category: Society
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Metropolitan Kallistos: “The First Thing that Drew Me to Orthodoxy” 24 December 2014 Metropolitan of Diocleia. Kallistos (Ware) speaks on his liturgical experience in Orthodox life... Category: Worship
Metropolitan of Lemesos, Athanasios: “Signs of the Times” 23 December 2014 Athanasios, Metropolitan of Lemesos (Limassol), Cyprus, speaks on the Signs of the Times ... Category: Orthodox faith
Metropolitan of Drama, Paul, speaks on the area of Pontos 22 December 2014 His Eminence Paul, Metropolitan of Drama, Greece, speaks on the area of Pontos, on its past and future... Category: Culture Heritage
Father Jonah from Taiwan speaks about Saint Porphyrios 22 October 2014 Father Jonah, now a missionary hieromonk in Taiwan, was a very close disciple of Elder Porphyrios (Saint ... Category: Contemporary Elders
The Inter-Orthodox Dialogue in Germany 22 October 2014 Athanasios Vletsis, Professor of Systematic Theology and Chairman of the Department of Orthodox Theology ... Category: Church World
Alexios of Atlanta: “Religious Life in America” 18 October 2014 Metropolitan of Atlanta, Alexios, describes the religious life in America.... Category: Orthodox faith
Orthodoxy’s offering to America 18 October 2014 Metropolitan of Atlanta, Alexios, explains what Orthodoxy has to offer in a western society... Category: Church World
Metropolitan of Atlanta, Alexios: “My Life in Mt Athos” 18 October 2014 Metropolitan of Atlanta, Alexios speaks for his life in Mt Athos and United States... Category: Mount Athos
Klaus Kenneth: “The meaning of Music” 18 October 2014 Author Klaus Kenneth speaks for his personal experiences on music's meaning... Category: Church World
Metropolitan Kallistos: “My Acquaintance with Elder Sophrony” 17 October 2014 Metropolitan of Diocleia, Kallistos (Ware) speaks for Elder's Sophrony spirituality and his personal acqu... Category: Contemporary Elders
Chanting in Mt Athos 17 October 2014 Elder Thomas Mikrayannanitis, Mt Athos, speaks for his monastic experiences and chants Byzantine hymns.... Category: Byzantine Music