The Monastery of Barboiu in Jassy

29 October 2011

Built at the beginning of the 17th century by the Great Vornik Ursu Barboi, it was dedicated to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. In 1669 the descendants of the vornik, of the Sturza family, turned it into a monastery and dedicated it to the Monastery of Vatopaidi20. Substantial additions and improvements were made by the Voivode Grigorios II Ghikas between 1726 and 1732, while it suffered damage in 1829 because of an earthquake. In 1841 the monastery was demolished and in its place the Great Logothete Dimitrios Sturza and his wife, Elena, of the Mourouzis family, built another with the assistance of the learned Metropolitan of Eirinoupolis, Grigorios Vatopaidinos, and under the supervision of another Vatopaidi monk, Dionysios, which they again dedicated to the Monastery of Vatopaidi. The name of the architect, as indicated in a Greek inscription which survives above the outer gate, was Andreas Karydis, assisted by Athanasios and Georgios, who came from Sisani. Today it survives in excellent condition.