The Monastery of Precista at Foxani

29 October 2011

This monastery was erected by the Voivode Nikolaos Mavrocordatos, as is recorded in the inscription which is preserved in the vestibule, during the period of his rule in Moldavia (1709-1715), and it was dedicated by him to the Monastery of Vatopaidi.

In 1733, his nephew, the Prince of Moldavia Grigorios II Ghikas, confirmed the donation of Precista to Vatopaidi. In addition, he granted to the Monastery 200 cubes of mineral salt and 60 thalers per annum from Foxani’s customs house for candles, and oil for the church lamps26 .

There is very little information available about its later development and its property. In 1821 the monastery was the owner of the Padureni estate. It was renovated in 1924. Today, after the repairs of recent decades, it is in quite good condition.