The Wall-paintings of the Inner Narthex

29 October 2011

The inner narthex (mesonyktikon) of the katholikon is covered, as we have seen, with wall-paintings of 1760. An investigation has revealed the existence of an older layer of painting preserved, to an extent which is unknown, below the later layer. A sample removal from the wall of the wall-paintings of the southern arch of the inner narthex revealed two full-length figures, that of Christ on the eastern part of the arch, and of an hierarch, St Phocas, on the western part of the same arch64.

From the point of view of the art, St Phocas belongs to the workshop of the artist responsible for the wall-paintings showing hierarchs in the prothesis and the diakonikon .

On the other hand, Christ, whose face seem to bear some signs of over-painting65, has affinities in terms of portrayal and technique with the Christ of Staro Nagoricino (1316-1318)66.