Saint Athanasios of Paros – Saint indirectly associated with the Monastery

4 November 2011

St Athanasios was born on Paros between 1723 and 1725. He studied first at the Evangelical School of Smyrna, and then enrolled, in 1752, at the Athonias. Because of his many qualities, the School’s head, Evyenios Voulgaris, made him a teacher and urged him to be ordained deacon. Later, on the advice of his wise teacher, Athanasios took over the running of the Thessaloniki School before going to Corfu to sit at the feet of Nikiphoros Theotokis.

From there he went to Mesolonghi, where he taught for a while in the school there. In 1771, he was appointed head of the Athonite School and ordained priest by St Makarios of Corinth. As head, he made a decisive contribution to raising the standards and reputation of the School. After seven years of important work at the Athonias, he again took charge, for eight years, of the Thessaloniki School. From there he went to Chios, to take charge of the school there, working for its benefit until extreme old age. He died at the age of 90 on 24 June 181323.