Saint Makarios, Bishop of Corinth – Saint indirectly associated with the Monastery

4 November 2011

St Makarios, whose secular name was Mikhail Notaras, was born in 1731 at Trikala in Corinthia. He studied on Cephalonia with the famous teacher Efstathios, and served for six years at the school in Corinth, without receiving any salary. Because he had a reputation for virtue and piety, when the episcopal throne of Corinth became vacant, the whole of the people of the province of Corinthia with one voice sought that he should be made bishop.

Thus, Mikhail, having first become a monk, was consecrated bishop in 1765 at the age of 34. His pastoral work was of the greatest value, but did not last long. After some ten years, he was forced to retire, whereupon he went to the Holy Mountain, where he became acquainted with the head of the Athonias, Athanasios of Paros, whom he took as his spiritual father. After visiting various cities and islands of Greece, he settled on Chios with Athanasios of Paros, and died there in 1805, on 17 April, which is observed as his feast day24.