Christ has risen- He has risen indeed! The only truth on earth.

11 May 2016

In the silence of the night…

Despair and sorrow at their height…

His disciples hiding in fear…

The myrrh-bearers ran to the Tomb and saw that it was empty!


Can any human person imagine the joy they felt when they gazed upon Joy itself, the Risen Lord?

This was their reward for the courage they displayed: they were the first to receive the Joy of the Resurrection!

Fallen nature was bursting because it couldn’t contain the Lord of Life and was anxiously awaiting this joyful message of the Resurrection.

Because ‘it was not possible for the Lord of Life to be held in corruption’…

The Light of the Resurrection shone in the world, dispelling the darkness of sin which had had dominion over people.

Christ, has risen, conquering death!

Christ has risen, changing all things:

death to life,

sorrow to joy,

fear to courage,

despair to faith,

darkness to light.

Everything’s been filled with light, both heaven and earth.

Everything rejoices, because it’s been inundated by Christ.

Let us be glad with the joy of the Resurrection, because Christ has risen.

He Who called us His friends!

He Who suffered and was crucified for the sake of His friends.

He Who loved and loves His friends.

That Love came to remain with us, so that we could love as He loved, and therefore live in Paradise. This is why He filled the world with the Light of His Resurrection: so that no shadow should stand in the way of this Love