It doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist

28 June 2016

20160506-3Each of us can come to a conclusion about God, depending on the measure of divine Grace we have. Because how can we think about and judge things that we’ve never seen or heard or know about? The Saints say that they’ve seen God. But there are other people who say that God doesn’t exist. It’s obvious that they talk like this because they don’t know Him. But this doesn’t at all mean that He therefore doesn’t exist. The Saints speak about things that they really have seen and know. They don’t say, for example, that they saw a horse a mile long, or a ship ten miles long, because such things don’t exist. And I think that, if God didn’t exist, they wouldn’t talk about Him here on earth. People want to live in accordance with their own will, which is why they say there’s no God, thus probably confirming that He does, in fact, exist.