Not many walk the path

12 July 2016

20160511-3When they’d suffered many tortures and had shown endurance unto death, the holy martyrs became worthy of crowns and glory. The more cruel the tortures they underwent, the more glory and boldness they acquired before God. In the same way, and provided they were patient to the end and didn’t complain, souls that were subjected to great sorrows, (either from other people or from bodily diseases),  were also rewarded with the same crowns and glory as the martyrs.  And such people will not only enjoy all this in the future, from God, but even here they’ll be granted the consolation of the Holy Spirit. Since the path leading to heavenly life is, indeed, narrow and full of sorrows, and there are few who walk it, this is why, for the sake of the hope of heaven, we should withstand with steadfast patience every trial of the Evil One. The sufferings of this time can in no way be compared to the glory that will be given to us