At some point, they’re stripped

3 October 2016

strippedSouls that are slothful avoid any effort and don’t seek to be completely, not only partially, sanctified in this life, have no hope of communion with the Holy Spirit and of being freed from the passions of evil. They may have been granted Divine Grace, but because they’ve been deceived by evil, they abandon every spiritual care because they’ve received a little spiritual sweetness. So it’s easy for these souls to fall into pride, because they don’t try to reach perfect freedom from the passions. Since they’re satisfied with a little dose of Grace, and make progress not in humility but pride, at some stage they’re denuded even of the gift they’ve got. Because if a soul loves God, no matter if it acquires thousands of virtues, it’ll be as modest as if it hadn’t even started to live in accordance with God’s will yet, hadn’t felt the greed and burning desire for divine Love which our Lord Christ inspires.