The Pasapnoaria (Let Everything that has Breath) by Iakovos the Protopsaltis, tone 1 (choir of Athonite fathers)

10 October 2016


The evolution and renaissance of music for Greek church choirs which occurred in the 19th century is an incontestable fact, which is clearly confirmed by the compositions of Iakovos the Protopsaltis. The Byzantine age has, of course, left us with sublime examples of the art of Church music by such composers as Saint Ioannis Koukouzelis, Manouil Chrsysafis and others, but more recently others such as Petros Peloponissios and Iakovos the Protopsaltis have also contributed beautiful settings. It’s worth mentioning that in the Athonite tradition of Church singing, the settings of Iakovos the Protopsaltis are very popular and familiar and are still sung to this day.

The recording which follows includes the slow Pasapnoaria by Iakovos the Protopsaltis in tone 1 and the verses for the Praises (Lauds) in a quicker mode. The choir on the right is the Daniïleï brotherhood and that on the left is made up of other Athonite singers. The recording was made at the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopaidi, at the feast of the Precious Belt (31-08-2013).