Wine makes glad the heart of man (Psalm 104: 15)

24 October 2017

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It is written that wine makes glad the heart of man (Psalm 104: 15) and that the joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8: 10). The Holy Spirit pours the divine wine in man’s good wineskin, in the one who has kept himself unspotted from the world (James 1: 27) and its corruption which reigns through sin unto death.

O’ Mother, you are the intercessor of the souls who run out of wine, their wineskin bursts, and their souls withers to the point of death; you intervened in the right time at the wedding of Canna of Galilee.

After the Son completed the economy of Redemption, you, O’ Mother, began to minister to the bridal souls teaching them how to watch and live so that their vine may be a choicest vine, a good vineyard that has good grapes.

You chose Mount Athos to be the land for your garden. You drew the souls to this place and you were vigilant to protect them from the thieves and the foxes that spoil the vines. You fought on behalf of it and on behalf of the souls who dwell in it so that there would be wine and oil in it. You determined to make it a place for storing wine and oil to flow with it unto the world in the End Times because they are what the Good Samaritan needs -since the souls became even more dead, their wineskins burst, and are in need of the divine oil.

The Psalmist spoke about this divine oil saying: ‘I have been anointed with fresh oil’ (Psalm 92: 10). This oil gives flexibility to the soul protecting it from being constrained, withering and bursting. Hence, the soul would be protected from death, would become a good wineskin, and would be filled with the good wine.

The souls in Mount Athos in Greece have received this gift of wine and oil; and so, they were lifted up on top of the world and became seated with God in the Mount of the congregation. They entered the clouds and the glory of God by partaking of the divine nature. Heaven was opened for them with all its glories. They attracted souls and passed on to them how to gather wine and oil to live by them and gather them in the spiritual stores to be saved for the End Times.

Every person who lived in this place with this mystery, even if he departed from the body, is still filled with the mystery of the wine and oil: wine after wine; oil after oil; grace after grace (John 1: 16) because it is saved in the good wineskin which is anointed with fresh oil.

You, O’ Mother, was the one who opened the heavens of this mountain to this mystery because you lived by this mystery and you passed it on to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, those who dwell on this mountain, for you are the door of heaven.

They lived by this mystery and you were vigilant to gather the wine and oil in the manifold divine stores to be kept for the End Times when you will open these stores and there will be wine and oil in the End Times that will heal all those whom the ruler of this world have wounded and brought down from Jerusalem (the dwelling place of God with man, Revelation 21: 3) to Jericho (the sphere of the ruler of this world), leaving them half dead. They will be healed with this wine and oil and return to their place, Jerusalem.

(To be continued)