The Christian Faith as a Source of Spiritual Power

23 February 2018

How can devout Christians preserve their faith when they’re being attacked and tested on a daily basis in these harsh times?

Faith in our Triune God is what will sustain us in all the difficulties we encounter in our lives. No matter how uncertain and pointless what we’re going through may seem.

He knows our needs and is ready to guide us slowly, with firm steps, as long as we ask Him through prayer, lean on Him and allow Him to lead us along the true paths of spiritual joy.
In these dark times of uncertainty in which we live, all of us need our soul to be soothed and redeemed.

He alone can comfort us, can stretch out His holy hand to us.

What child could ever grow up on its own? Without parents to look after it? This is exactly how it is with our heavenly Father, who knows intimately our every need and every thought.

There are many people who view the Christian dogma of our Orthodox faith with scepticism. For some, faith is incomprehensible and therefore can’t be applied to the extent that it should.

Some consider that no discussion of religion can have any logical basis and think of it as yet another delusion, and there lurks the devil who strives to alter what’s in our heart.

The motivating force of our Orthodox faith lies in the trust we show to the Lord, because He blesses and causes to prosper those who trust Him, body and soul.

Don’t doubt things you don’t understand with the naked eye, because the Lord gave us light to see and to create. No mortal being can comprehend, through logic, His infinite wisdom.

Know that God won’t reward you in accordance with what you want, but with what’s best for you, always as part of His eternal plan.

When you pray sincerely and with genuine inclination, then your faith will become a living, powerful source of light between you and Him.

We shouldn’t forget that the roots of Christianity were struck in the New Testament and this remains a powerful and permanent symbol for all Christians. Our sole weapon is unshakeable faith in God and our daily prayer is a bridge of communication between us and Him.

Beloved Christians,

Pray with reverence and God will hear you, as long as you call upon Him. You should always have these thoughts as your compass…

– Pray with sincerity and pure intent.

– Trust in God’s judgement.

– Show magnanimity, as He does.

– Don’t forget that every trial, no matter how difficult it is, always makes us stronger and reinforces our spiritual powers so that we can face any obstacle we find in our path.

– Be patient and fight with boldness and fortitude in your life.

– Love your neighbour and don’t refuse your help to other people.

Be concerned every day, because lots of people need our help.

The Lord is with us, He loves us in the depth and fulness of time. All the trials we experience are part of our inner cleansing and rebirth as souls ascending to the heavenly and eternal light of His love.