A Deep Scar

5 March 2018

A deep scar
kept me alive.
I cross the earth
like a brave soldier
with solid steps and doleful eyes.

Oh! Lord
Hear the cry of your children.
Hear the voices screaming
in the war ruins.
A veil of terror
spread all over humanity.

Oh! Lord
Feel the agony in their pain.
My eyes were suddenly burnt.
Huge flames rushed
in a vast desert
in a voyage without return.

Hopeless voices
approached me
filled my breath
Asking me for help.
Begging me to rescue them.

They were thirsty
They were hungry
They were abandoned
They had nowhere to go….
Why all this pain Lord?

A relentless and long grief
for their lost lives.
I faced deserted countries
wounded people
victims of injustice.

Come and embrace us all
with Your wings Lord
in a safe and peaceful world.
I closed my eyes
making a wish so dear …
Stay with us in the Eternity!


“This poem is dedicated to the children who lost their lifes in Syria’s war these days…”