A Living Consciousness

23 April 2018

I followed your pace
beyond my living consciousness
through the rough path of Life
crossing my destiny again.

I travelled thousand miles
across the center of the earth
one more time willing
to comfort the thirsty souls.
A healing feat
to the lament of my people.

I was searching you
in a blindness light.
I lay my hands
to your celestial vault
facing Your Glory
in a ceaseless devotion
hearing your powerful voice
calling me with an harp.

I kept you silently,
as a talisman in my heart.
I sighed in the edges of Your Eyes
I looked at you …
remembering all the pain
I had as a Child of Despair…
I stood there without fear
ready to serve You with humbleness.

Listen to my pray
Dear Lord…
Please give my people strength to survive
Please give them HOPE to wait
the New Days to come….