Rachel’s Lament

2 April 2018

Rachel was weeping for her children.
These words were spoken by prophet Jeremiah
The scripts have fulfilled .

Unbearable pain
was spread in Ramah
Ruthless soldiers
surrounded innocent souls
obeyed to a blind verdict
death everywhere.
Vindictive swords
took their youth!
took their breath!
took their life!

Oh! Devious Herod
your hands are with blood
Oh! hear the voices of despair
Oh! hear the screams
that drown me down
to the valley of shadows.

I followed my little angels
with sorrow in my heart
The sunlight faded
to these blooming smiles.
A heavy winter spread
everywhere around the world.

Their laughs were vanished
Where are the white lilies?
lying now.. in dark tombs?
away from our blessing land.

Where are you my son?
Where are you my daughter?
The angels guardians
shed tears everywhere…

Oh! Bloody Herod
you wrote a black history
in your wreckless kingdom.
And now nothing is left for us anymore.
There are no healing words to comfort us.
In dark and windless, I built my sadness
mourned for my beloved.

My time became dust in the eternity
I closed my eyes, till I hear
their voices again laughing in heaven!