For Atheists

1 February 2019

Today I’m addressing you.

Don’t your realize that you’re being fed garbage? Have you ever looked to see what atheist literature consists of?
It’s not the last word in science. It’s a distortion of the facts. An aberration of thought. A perversion of who we are.

Take a look at the boundless Russian steppes. Once there were wonderful churches on them. Today only ruins. Don’t these holy ruins tell you anything?

The monuments of the past have now been destroyed. What our fathers built has been razed by godless hands.

Take a look at your homes. The family is in ruins, the children know nothing: neither the worth of their mother nor the manly courage of their father.

Education in schools is utterly useless. Teachers spout off, but say nothing of value. And they’ll never understand what this corruption of people from their childhood years is due to.

Once, on our streets, you’d hear the wonderful sound of bells, which was so sweet to listen to. All you hear now is blasphemy and crudities.

Have you ceased to see and think freely?

Take a look into your heart. It’s full of unease about something invisible. That which is invisible is God.

This is why you’re troubled. This is why you’ll never find peace. Because you’re ignoring God.

God is seeking entry to your soul. Open up to Him.

Atheism doesn’t bring life. With atheism, it’s not only that our life as human beings is beginning to wane, but that the life of inanimate creation is ceasing. A general disaster is upon us. We all have a foreboding about this.

But how are we to stop this general disaster, without God?

With God, the general disaster, death, can prove to be redemption, rather than a life without meaning.

Don’t you understand that if people are born into a life without meaning, then life itself has no meaning? Don’t try to hide the truth with banalities. Don’t tell me that you see the meaning of life in other people. Perhaps the meaning of life is to be found in death? Since everything worldly ends in death.

Eternity awaits us all. How do you imagine it to be? I feel sorry for you. Don’t pull a face. Today people even take our sorrow badly. Our sorrow frustrates the proud. My intention isn’t to distress you. I’m simply stretching out my hand as your brother.
I know that you’re tired now; don’t hesitate to praise Him.
Our difficult life, full as it is of unexpected and tragic situations has left its mark on you, too.

The only consolation you’ll find is at the Lord’s Supper.