The appropriate organs to receive the divine gifts

12 April 2019

maxim-m,-ioan-popa,-afteia-inThe intellect is the organ of wisdom, whereas the reason is that of knowledge.

The natural, internal certainty of the intellect and of the reason is the organ of faith, which is a product of wisdom and knowledge.

Natural charity is the organ of the gift of healing. Because every divine gift has the apposite and appropriate receptor of the organ as a force or attraction or inclination.

For example, people who cleanse their intellect of every fantasy, receive wisdom. People who have set reason in control of their innate passions, I mean longing and desire, receive knowledge. People who have unshakable certainty, with their intellect and reason, as regards divine matters, receive faith that is capable of anything. And those who have performed natural charity, having completely uprooted their selfishness, receive the gifts of healing.

» Saint Maximos the Confessor