Christ is our friend. He Himself says as much

18 February 2020

You should feel that Christ’s our friend, because He is. He says so Himself: ‘You are my friends…’. We should look on Him as a friend and approach Him accordingly. Have we fallen? Have we sinned? We should run to Him with familiarity, love and trust. Not with fear that He’ll punish us, but with the courage that will give us the sense of friendship. We should say: ‘Lord, I did this, I fell, forgive me’. And at the same time we should feel that He loves us, that He welcomes us affectionately, with love, and that He forgives us. Let not sin separate us from Christ. When we believe that He loves us and we love Him, we don’t feel estranged and cut off from Him, not even when we sin. We’ve secured His love and, no matter how we behave, we know that He loves us.