Not many tread this path

21 March 2020

After suffering great torments and displaying fortitude unto death, the holy martyrs became worthy of crowns and glory. The greater and harsher the tortures they were subjected to, the more glory and boldness they acquired before God. In the same way, provided they’re patient to the end and don’t complain, souls which have been delivered into all kinds of sorrows (either from other people or from bodily ills) will be given the same crowns and the same boldness as the martyrs. And they’ll not only enjoy all this from God in the future, but even here they’ll be granted the consolation of the Holy Spirit. Given that the path which leads to heavenly life is indeed narrow and full of sorrows, few tread it. This is why, for the sake of the hope of heaven, we must bear steadfastly every trial sent by the enemy. The glory which we’ll be given will be more than ample compensation for the sufferings of this age.