They won’t find it difficult at all

28 August 2020

EV8C9825 2015-04-02 16-11-18If we wish to bear easily every sorrow and temptation, let us keep our eyes trained always on death for the sake of Christ. The commandment we have is to take up our cross and follow Him, ready and willing to die. Because those who desire to die for Christ will have no difficulty at all with painful and sorrowful things. And those who wish to become heirs to Christ must zealously desire His sufferings. So we have to push ourselves to virtue, even if we don’t want to: to love, when we lack love; to meekness when this is missing; to having a caring and merciful heart; to prayer when we don’t have spiritual prayer. When God sees our struggle to acquire the above, He comes to our aid and fills us with all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We must also not blame others nor judge them, and neither should we be proud. Everything seems easy when we’re joined to the Lord and He Who is the instigator and cause of the fulfillment of all good comes to dwell within us. As He Himself said to us: ‘Without me you can do nothing’.