Conversations with Father Zacharias – Envy

22 September 2020

Question: Is pride the cause of jealousy?

Archim. Zacharias: There may be many causes, but above all it is lack of trust in God Who gives all things to all men. In the Parable of the Prodigal Son, the Father says to his elder son: ‘Why do you react with jealousy with regard to your brother? All that is mine is thine, nothing can harm you’ (cf. Luke 15:31) and God says the same words to every one of us. We do not need jealousy if all that is His is available to each one of us, because there is no way that we can be harmed or wronged. When Peter asked the Lord after His Resurrection: ‘What about John?’, the Lord answered: ‘If I want him to stay until I come, what is that to thee? You follow Me’ (cf. John 21:21-22). That is to say, jealousy is a sin because we do not follow Him Who said: ‘All that is Mine is thine.’

Question: What should we do if we feel the energy of jealousy from someone?

Archim. Zacharias: I do not think it is sane to allow ourselves to think that people are jealous of us, because we may be wrong and it will not help us. It is better to ignore that thought and pray for that person, who may be in difficulty. Even if they are jealous, it is better to think that they have a certain difficulty and to pray for them: ‘Lord, You see, we are all tormented by our miseries. Speak good things in our hearts and grant us Your peace as You did grant it to Your Apostles.’