Herman Hissink (1915-2011) was a teacher of Dutch language at the Christian Gymnasium in The Hague, Netherlands (now Gymnasium Sorghvliet). Source: athosweblog.com
From his early youth, he was very fond of traveling and nature. He was very enthusiastically about his travels and one day, 3 of his students asked if they could join him. Photo: Iviron, waiting for the boat, probably 1969. Source: athosweblog.com
With this first group he made trips on bicycle to France and Italy. In 1956 he went for the first time to Greece, joined by 4 of his students. Source: athosweblog.com
Their visits to Greece took on a larger scale in the late '70s, when it was rather unique to travel through the unspoiled country, walking the monopatia with donkeys carrying their luggage. Photo: View over Iviron Monastery, 1974 or 1976. Source: athosweblog.com
They camped near ruins, looking for fresh water and hiking in the mountains, from village to village. These visits made him totally hooked on Greece. Photo: Arsana, somewhere between Lavra and Iviron, trying to take the small boat to Iviron, 1974. Source: athosweblog.com
Herman Hissink visited Mount Athos at least 7 times, always in the company of his students, starting 1969 till, probably, 1976. Photo: Kavsokalivia, 1971. Eating and talking with a monk who was making his living by repairing watches. Source: athosweblog.com
Gerard Koolschijn, who was principal (1984–1990) at the same Gymnasium where Hissink teached for 36 years, is now a writer and published in 2012 the novel Geen sterveling weet (No mortal knows). His book contains a chapter with a very vivid account of their Athos travels. Photo: Karovastasi, 1970. Source: athosweblog.com
All the pictures here are made by Herman Hissink and were kindly provided by Gerard Koolschijn. Many thanks! Herman Voogd, for Athosweblog.com Photo: Panteleimonos Monastery, 1974 (?). Source: athosweblog.com
Hissink at the age of 90, portrait by Lidwien Chorus, 2005. Source: athosweblog.com
Resting in an unknown guestroom. Source: athosweblog.com
Pantokratoros Monastery, year unknown. Source: athosweblog.com
On the road to Dafni and Xeropotamou Monastery, 1974 or 1976. Source: athosweblog.com
A little rest, somwhere in Athos. Exact location and year unknown. Source: athosweblog.com
In the guestroom, year unknown. Source: athosweblog.com
Students resting at Panteleimonos or Grigoriou Monastery (?). Source: athosweblog.com
Monk with his mule at the gate of Skiti Podromou, 1974 or 1976. Source: athosweblog.com
In front of Simonospetras Monastery, with Koolschijn on the right and Oudshoorn with the red t-shirt, 1970. Source: athosweblog.com
On the shore of Panteleimonos Monastery, 1970. Source: athosweblog.com
Reaching Xenofontos Monastery, 1971. Source: athosweblog.com