The Association

Considering the great contribution of the Vatopedi Monastery on Orthodoxy and the nation, the Association of Friends of the Vatopedi was founded to keep pace with the Brotherhood and become a supporter of their work at a time when the monastery is entering its second millennium.

Anyone interested to learn study, understand and appreciate the work which the Vatopedi Fathers are continuing for many centuries, considers a sacred duty and honor to support their struggle.

We have been particularly moved by the love and trust people have shown towards our Association, which numbers more than 10,000 members already, without us making any special effort or promotion.

The Association was delighted to commission the Institute “St. Maximus the Graikos” to create the new internet magazine ‘Pemptousia’. This quality magazine which for nine consecutive years had a wide circulation and was greatly appreciated was based on the comprehensive triptych “Culture – Science – Religion”. Now it is circulating online. It will constantly be fed with new material by acclaimed authors and experts in their field.

Utilizing the tools provided by modern technology, the online magazine “Pemptousia” will be updated on a daily basis and will offer apart from written articles plenty of audiovisual material (speeches, music, exclusive interviews, films, documentaries and video clips of general interest).

At the same time, this online portal will host and provide continuous access to rich material on the history, art, tradition, life and work of the monastery Vatopedi. The main item on the special edition of Pemptousia will be blessed Elder Joseph Vatopedinos. The online magazine will also provide detailed information on the case of the Lake Vistonida.

We hope that this effort, and soon the multilingual digital display of the priceless spiritual and cultural tradition of Orthodoxy and of our nation, will transmit to the post-modern and fragmented modern man a message of faith, hope and love and will recall man’s true value as the image of God.

For any communication with the Association of Friends of Holy Great Monastery Vatopedi please send an email to [email protected]