‘The Rich have been made poor’, tone plagial 1 (Setting by Daniil Daniilidis Katounakiotis)

18 October 2016


‘The rich have been made poor and hungry, but those who seek the Lord shall not lack anything that is good (Ps. 33).
These words of wisdom do not merely suggest a way out of our material problems. Nor, again, do they offer a proposal for the solution of issues of social class. Their meaning has a Eucharistic perspective. The Lord comes to give us what we actually need: God Himself. He wants us to be participants in real life, in eternal life, which is His body and blood. It is in the Divine Eucharist, where the Lord Himself is offered in the form of bread and wine, that we experience the true meaning of not being deprived of good things and understand the condition of being truly rich.
The choir of Athonite fathers, with Elder Daniil of the brotherhood of the Daniileiï sing the wonderful and popular hymn ‘The rich have been made poor’, at a vigil at the Holy Monastery of the Great Lavra. Tone plagial 1, in the setting by Daniil Daniilidis Katounakiotis.