Recordings from the Christmas Vigil at the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopaidi

7 January 2017


As the ‘metropolis’ of feasts’, Christmas is celebrated at the monasteries on the Holy Mountain with a vigil, during the course of which the monks sing hymns of exceptional poetic and musical beauty. At the Divine Liturgy, ‘As many as have been baptized in Christ’ is sung in tone one. The hymn draws our attention to the practice of the ancient church of conducting the baptism of the catechumens at this time, a custom mentioned by Saint John Chrysostom and also by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, in his Catechism.

You can also hear Athonite singing every day on Pemptousia Web Radio in the «Αγιορείτικα μελωδήματα» program.

‘As many as have been baptized in Christ’

‘Christ is born, glorify Him’ and the first ode of the canon.