International Symposium of Byzantologists “NIS AND BYZANTIUM XVII”

28 February 2018

“Restoration of Byzantium in the Balkans in 1018”

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the City of NiS in cooperation with the University of NiS and the Ortodox NiS Eparchy, organizes the 171b. International Symposium of Byzantologists “NIS AND BYZANTIUM”, which will be held from 3rd lo 51th June 2017 within the framework of marking the city Festivities of St.Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen.

The Symposium shall gather renowned researchers of our past on the Day of Saints Czar Constantine and Czarina Helena, with the purpose of informing the European scholarly public about the significance of NIS for the entire Christian world. The intention of the Symposium organizers is to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the Early-Christian, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine past of NIS, as well as of its reverberations to the later spiritual, cultural and artistic creative endeavors in NIS and its surrounding area, the Balkans and Europe. This would imply the interdisciplinary approach and the participation of art historians, historians, architects, archaeologists, classical philologists, literature-historians, theologians, philosophers.

The presented papers will be published in the Proceedings of the Symposium that sail be promoted on the first day of the next meeting in 2019. The participants have to furnish the organizers with their respective papers together with complete scientific references by November 2018.

Highly appreciating your work and the results achieved in the field of medieval studies and the influence of the Byzantine world on modem Europe, we kindly invite you to take part in the 17th Internationa] Symposium “NIS AND BYZANTIUM”, this year with symbolic dedication title “Restoration of Byzantium in the Balkans in 1018”.

The Symposium organizers cover the expenses of a common dinner after the Symposium opening, for the confirmed participants.

The participants should cover accommodation costs, meals and transportation on their own. The deadline for paper submission is 10. 05. 2018, lo the following addresses:

Ana Misic, Mayor’s Office, International Cooperation Affairs, 7. Juli No.2, 18000 NiS, tel. +381(0)18-504408 Fax. +381 [0)18-504-545; mob 064/8330042; e-mail: [email protected]

Dr Misa Rakocija, Institute for Cultural Monuments Protection NiS, Dobrifka Street No.2, 18000 1(0)18-523414