The Skete of Crainici or Crasnitta or Cranita or Lespezi in the Prefecture of Tekuci

29 October 2011

The founder of this skete was Ilias Katartziou18. Before 1749 the skete was dedicated to the Myra Monastery. In that year, seeing that the monastery was in a state of decline, the Pacharnik Constantine Bals decided to bequeath it to the Monastery of Vatopaidi after his death (which occurred in 1756)19. In the late 18th century it was a metochi of the Golia Monastery, which, in turn, ceded it again to Myra. In 1812, with the consent of the former Great Vornik Constantine Bals, who was also (the new) founder of this skete, Golia requested that Crainici should again become its skete. In 1924 it was deserted; it began to function again in 1934. Today it is in quite good condition.