Chasuble, 18th century

3 November 2011

Dimensions: lowest points: 459 cm., 97 cm., height: 144 cm.

Here the neck is embroidered on green velvet and the rich embroidery is continued to form a square in front. The rest of the vestment is made of pieces of red velvet sewn together. It bears a representation of the Great Deisis. In the centre is Christ as the Great High Priest, seated on a high throne, with two archangels in attendance behind Him. He wears a chasuble, dalmatic and pallium, and gives His blessing with His right hand while with the left He holds an open gospel book resting on His knee. On His right is the Theotokos, on the left St John the Baptist. The Apostles are ranged on the right and left. All the figures are bare-foot with the exception of Christ and the Theotokos. Peter, on the right, after the Blessed Virgin, holds his symbol, the key of heaven. On the left, Paul holds a gospel book. The embroidery has been done with gold thread, mostly of an orange colour, and the stitch is bakladoti, apart from the garments of Christ, which are in straight riza. The garments and the folds have been given their finish with black silk and are highlighted by the change in stitch and colour. The embroidery is painstaking, but the whole appearance of the work is spoiled by the inscriptions giving the identity of the figures, which are placed on the vestment in a disorderly manner. This vestment originated in a Slav work­shop.