Saint Agapios from the Skete of Kolitsou and his four blessed companions

4 November 2011

St Agapios lived as a monk with his elder at the Skete of Kolitsou. One day, when he had gone down to the seashore for some particular task, he was taken prisoner by pirates who were lying in wait at that spot and was sold to an aga in the region of Magnesia.

He remained in the service of the aga for 12 years, working for him conscientiously, but at the same time praying to the Theotokos to set him free. When one day he was sleeping after fervent prayer, he saw the Theotokos in a vision saying to him “ Agapios, arise and go without fear to your elder, but again you will return to your aga”. When he awoke, he did as the Theotokos had told him and, without anyone realising that he was missing, made his way to his elder, to whom he explained what had happened. The elder, having listening attentively, advised him to go back to the aga who had bought him, because it would not be right to run away in search of his freedom without the permission of his master. Obedient to his elder, Agapios returned to his master and told him of his elder’s instructions. The aga was so moved by these events that he asked St Agapios to tell him more of the Faith of the Christians. After adequate instruction, the aga and his two sons decided to become Christians and returned with Agapios to the Skete of Kolitsou. There they became disciples of Agapios’s elder, were tonsured as monks, and lived a life of holiness for the rest of their days. These five saints are commemorated on 1 March12.