Elder Evlogios: With the grace of God soon to be terminated the ordeal of Elder Ephraim

12 March 2012

Of George Theocharis

The Elder Evlogios at agioritikovima.gr

«The Russians put up objections for the unfair detention of Archimandrite Ephraim while our politicians are deaf. It seems that they sub serve other purposes. »

For a tremendous mistake of justice to insist on the detention of one Archimandrite – Abbot that faced him as a criminal says Elder Evlogios from his cell of saint Archangels that is situated at Karies of Mount Athos. “After the crucifixion the Resurrection is coming. We are waiting of this Resurrection. Triumpher will depart from prison. It is unfair that he is set in prison.”       the Elder explains at agioritikovima.gr

« It is very sad the fact that an Abbot to stay in detention, it hurts very much the fathers, monasticism and the church in general. Elder Ephraim is a spiritual person, has one hundred and twenty fathers at the monastery and I do not think that so many people are near a person that has made so many and serious mistakes that he is been accused of. Is it possible for an abbot to be in detention like he is a criminal?» Elder Evlogios noted.

 And continued « The detention was a big mistake of justice. But Elder Ephraim even inside prison he makes a spiritual battle, he confess so many souls that need to. After the crucifixion there is the resurrection. We are waiting for this resurrection. Triumpher will depart from prison. It is unfair to be in prison. With God’s grace soon the ordeal of the Abbot will finish. He is innocent. It hurts us, like it hurts all the orthodox nations, all the leaders of these nations. In Russia they put up objections and our politicians are deaf because it seems that they subserve other purposes.

 Ever lasting candle is burning in front of Virgin Mary at our cell».

 Mount Athos was respected even from the Turks and Hitler, from our  Greek politicians though…..

 « Some things they want to eliminate. Our politicians here they have forgotten us, what are the politicians offering to Mount Athos and the Church in general? They think only how they get. A report at Moni Petraki shows that everything was donated. It shows that everything was donated to the casualties of war, one big part of today’s Kolonaki, in Athens it was from donations from Moni Petraki. Where is the holding fortune of the church. If we check in history we will see how and how much Mount Athos contributed in the liberation of Greece from the Turks. Mount Athos was respected even from Hitler and the Turks, unfortunately not though from our politicians.

 We are awaiting nothing from them. We have Christ.

 We receive them at Mount Athos because we respect the statute and the base of the articles chart of Mount Athos that we must receive them accordingly. We have Christ». Elder Evlogios concluded.

Source: http://agioritikovima.gr/agnea/5065-geulogios-me-ti-chari-tou-theou-untoma-na-liksei-to-marturio-tou-g-efraim