The Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria at the Monastery of Vatopaidi

20 May 2014

Friday, 16th of May

The Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria, Theodoros II visited the Holy Monastery of Vatopaidi on Friday, 16th of May, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the departure from this life of Saint Yerasimos Palladas, Patriarch of Alexandria (1630-1714), who lived the last years of his life in the Monastery, dying there in 1714.

Saint Yerasimos II Palladas, Patriarch of Alexandria, who lived in the 17th century, is one of the most outstanding scholar bishops of the period of Turkish rule. He remained in relative obscurity for many years, even though he was distinguished for his holiness and the power of his personality, as well as for his multi-faceted spiritual activities.

His memory will be celebrated with a festal vigil tomorrow, Saturday 17 May at which His Beatitude Pope and Patriarch Theodoros II of Alexandria will preside.

His Beatitude arrived at the Holy Monastery of Vatopaidi at 6:30 in the afternoon. He was accorded a splendid reception at the entrance to the Monastery and a doxology was celebrated in the main church of the Monastery. When the special hymn wishing His Beatitude ‘Many years’ had been sung, the Abbot of the Monastery, Archimandrite Efraim addressed him, and also presented him with a valuable copy of the Gospels from the Monastery’s sacristy and three episcopal pectoral icons. His Beatitude thanked Elder Efraim for his gracious invitation and presented him with a pectoral Cross which is a copy of a personal heirloom of Saint Yerasimos.

At the close of the doxology, His Beatitude conducted a memorial service for the late Vasieilos (Kolokas), Metropolitan of Elassona, who fell asleep in the Lord this morning. The late Metropolitan had once been a monk in the Monastery of Vatopaidi.

Thereafter they repaired to the Great Common Room of the Monastery where a reception was given for the Patriarch and his attendants. The Patriarch was honoured with the presence of Metropolitan Apostolos of Militos (Miletus), the representative of Ecumenical Patriarch Vartolomaios.