You have the altar with you

12 March 2016

altarIf we’re watchful, the Grace of the Holy Spirit makes us temples of God, with the result that, everywhere, everything’s to hand for us. Wherever you are, you’ve got the sacrificial altar… since you yourself are priest, altar and the victim to be sacrificed. Because wherever you are, you can set up the altar, as long as you show proper awareness, and neither the place nor the weather can hinder you in the slightest. Even if you don’t bend your knee or raise your hands to heaven if you show an ardent soul and mind, you’ll complete your prayer. It’s perfectly possible for a woman who’s busy spinning yarn and weaving to be lifted up to heaven in her mind and to make fervent supplication to God. It’s possible for people in the market or walking along by themselves, to pray at length. Others, sitting in their workshop and sewing leather can still raise their souls to the Lord. So can a servant, somebody doing the shopping, going up and down, the cook, when they can’t get to church. God doesn’t care about the place All He asks is a fervent mind and soul which He can reform.