Teach us to pray one for another, in patience to bear one another’s burdens

27 April 2016

O Lord Jesus Christ, Thou, Lamb of God, Who didst take upon Thyself the sin of the world, Who by Thine ascent to Golgotha didst redeem us from the curse of the Law and didst restore Thy fallen image; Who didst stretch Thy most pure hands on the Cross, gathering together in one the scattered children of God, and by the descent of the most Holy Spirit didst call all men to unity; Thou which art the brightness of the Father, before going forth to this great and sacred work for the salvation of the world, didst pray to Thy Father that all may be one, even as Thou art one with the Father and the Holy Ghost: do Thou grant even unto us the grace and wisdom each day to fulfill this commandment, and strengthen us to strive for that love, which Thou didst command of us, saying: “Love one another, as I have loved you”.Εμφάνιση Φιάλη.jpg


By Thy Holy Spirit give us power to humble ourselves, one before the other, mindful that he who loveth the more doth humble himself the more. Teach us to pray one for another, in patience to bear one another’s burdens, and unite us with the unbreakable bond of love in Thy Holy Name. Grant us to behold in our every brother and sister the image of Thine ineffable glory, and never to forget that our brother is our life.

Yea, O Lord, Who hast gathered us together of Thy good providence, make us truly into one family, living with one heart, one will, a single love, as one man, according to Thy pre-eternal counsel for Adam the first-created. Establish this holy place which Thy Right Hand hath planted, and let the prayers of Thy Most Holy Mother, of all the Holy and God-bearing Fathers who have shone forth in this holy Monastery, and of our Holy Father Silouanos the Athonite overshadow it always blessing and defending each one of them that dwell therein (Names), thereby preserving us from pernicious thoughts; from unseemly words or impulses of the heart that can destroy peace and concord; that this house may be built on the rock of Thy commandments as a place of healing, of sanctification and salvation, for us and all them that are drawn hither, our labouring and burdened brothers, that we may all find rest in Thee, our meek and lowly King, now and for ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.