They stray and can do nothing

24 August 2016

20160528-33People don’t understand the Scriptures; they find them almost incomprehensible. It’s only when they’re taught by the Holy Spirit that everything becomes clear and the soul feels it’s in heaven. Because the same Spirit is in heaven and on earth, in the Holy Scriptures and in the souls of those who love God. Without the Holy Spirit, people go astray and are unable to know God truly and to be comfortable with Him, even if they study all the time. Believe in the Gospel and in the testimony of the holy Church. Then even here on this earth, you’ll taste some measure of the bliss of Paradise. Truly the Kingdom of God is within us and His love grants Paradise to the soul. Many princes and rulers abandoned their thrones when they came to know the love of God. This is readily understandable, because God’s love is a fiery flame. By the Grace of the Holy Spirit, the joy of the soul extends to tears, and nothing on earth can be compared to this joy.