Dismissal Hymn for the Precious Belt of the Mother of God (sung by the Daniilaii)

19 September 2016


August is considered the month of the Mother of God. With the feast of her Dormition in the middle, canons of supplication are sung throughout the month in honour of Our Lady, culminating in the feast of the Precious Belt on 31 August. For centuries the Precious Belt has been kept in the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopaidi.

According to tradition, the Precious Belt of the Mother of God was given to Vatopaidi by Emperor Ioannis VI Kantakouzinos (1342-1354), who thereafter resigned office  and was tonsured a monk- with the name of  Ioasaf- at Vatopaidi, where he continued to live.

This is the Dismissal Hymn of the Precious Belt, sung in the slow mode, in plagial tone 4, by the Daiilaii brotherhood, at the feast of the Precious Belt, at Vatopaidi.

Ever-virgin Mother of God, shelter of humankind, you have bestowed upon your city a mighty vestment, the kirtle and belt of your immaculate body. After your childbirth without seed, these have remained intact, for in you nature and time are renewed. We therefore implore you to grant peace to your commonwealth and great mercy to our souls.