‘It is truly right’. Har. Papanikolaou- From a concert by the Thomades in Russia

8 September 2016

thomadesEcclesiastical singing is a product of the liturgical practice  of the Church. To meet the requirements of worship it has been established that, throughout the services, there should be an alternating variety of  sung parts, not merely to combat physical tiredness and lack of concentration, but, more importantly, to maintain the spirit of those praying at a sober level. In this way, over the years, a wealth of melodious tunes (or tones in the Greek Church) have been created, which are balm to the soul and spirit.

Occasionally, choirs of Church singers have taken part of the enormous riches of Greek music to Russia, where the music in services is often more Western European in character. The Thomades brotherhood recently visited their Russian brothers and sisters in Christ and gave them the opportunity to hear Greek Church music as it is sung on the Holy Mountain..

This is a recording of ‘It is truly right’ in the 4th plagial tone, in a setting by Haralambos Papanikolaou, from a concert of the Thomades in Russia.