The doctors were always noncommittal

7 December 2016


My name’s Garyfallia and I was born with spina bifida, a rare deformity of the spinal membrane which almost always causes paralysis of the legs and/or arms and even learning problems, depending on how high up the spine the deformity is. Thank God I don’t have any paralysis, but from time to time it gives me pain in my waist, and I’ve had surgery. The doctors were always noncommittal about my future and about my becoming pregnant. A few months ago, I did, indeed, become pregnant and when a family friend who visits your monastery heard about it, he brought me back a ribbon and a some oil from the Holy Girdle. I wore the ribbon throughout my pregnancy, experienced no problem at all with my waist, and had a caesarean section, giving birth to a healthy boy. Even though everyone was worried about my back, what with the weight and the changes to my body, and possible paralysis, even if only temporary, in the end, with the help of God and Our Lady, I never had a moment’s bother. Thank you so much for your efforts and your prayers.

Thom. Gar.