Holy Communion – 2

9 February 2017


We don’t take Holy Communion just because we’re in church and something’s moved us to do so, or because others are, or because we’ve become used to doing so. We have to be prepared. First of all, we have to be aware what a special gift Holy Communion is for us. Christ Himself, our God, is being given to us. And, as we’ve seen, He Himself has said that He wants us to receive Him with a pure heart, a heart which loves and has forgiven all other people. So we have to cleanse our heart regularly through confession, and, before Holy Communion, become reconciled with everyone, especially those we’ve wronged or been angry with. We must strive to ensure that our life is guarded and pure, in accordance with the holy will of God. The mouth which receives Holy Communion shouldn’t swear or speak obscenities, the eyes which will gaze upon Him shouldn’t have been looking at exhibitions of indecency or immorality. The fast on the eve of Holy Communion helps us to concentrate our minds on what we’re about to do, to pay greater attention.


Saint John Chrysostom

And there’s a special service for the preparation for Holy Communion, containing prayers, psalms and hymns, which helps us to realize the gravity of the sacrament of which we’re going to partake. In most places, this service is freely available, so it’s a good idea to get a copy and read at least some of the preparation prayers and hymns.

How often we take Holy Communion is a matter between us and our spiritual guide.

Of course, it remains true that, whatever we do, we’re never ‘worthy’ to take Holy Communion, which God, in His infinite love for us, offers us as a free gift.