You have the altar with you

7 February 2017


If we’re watchful, the Grace of the Holy Spirit will make us temples of the Holy Spirit, the result being that, wherever we are, we have this facility: you always have the sacrificial table with you. Really, you yourself are priest, and altar and the victim of the sacrifices. Because, wherever you are, you can set up the altar and, as long as you show vigilant intent and the location and the timing are no impediment, then never mind if you can’t kneel or raise your hands to the heavens. Provided you show a fervent soul and mind, you’ll have completed your prayer. Women going about their daily tasks can be raised to the heavens in their minds and can invoke God fervently. It’s possible for people to be in the market walking around by themselves and to pray at length. Somebody else could be sitting in his workshop, sewing leather and raising his soul to the Lord. It’s possible for a servant who’s been sent out buy things, for people who are always on the go, for a cook who can’t get to church to pray at length. God doesn’t care about the place. All he asks is a fervent mind and soul that He can nurture.