We cannot see Him

12 June 2017

We live on earth and don’t see God; we can’t see Him. But if the Holy Spirit enters your soul, then you’ll see God, as Saint Stephen did. The soul and the mind, through the Holy Spirit, immediately recognize that He is the Lord. In the same way, through the Holy Spirit, Saint Symeon recognized the infant in the temple as the Lord. Just as Saint John the Baptist did. Also through the Holy Spirit, Saint John recognized the Lord and presented Him to the people as such. In heaven and on earth, God is known only through the Holy Spirit, not through human knowledge. Young people who haven’t studied much at all still know the Lord through the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, nobody can know God and how much He loves us. Even if we read that He loved us and suffered out of love for us, we think of this only with the mind, but don’t understand the love of Christ as we should, with the soul. But when He teaches us, then we know clearly and tangibly. Then we become like Christ.